Four Directors Up for the Next "Bond" Flick?

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Curious to know who'll be directing the next James Bond flick? Join the club. One source has a short list of potential helmers, all of whom would be pretty ... distinctive.

Here's who Latino Review mentions as possible "Bond 22" directors:

--Marc Forster ("Monster's Ball," "Finding Neverland," and "Stranger Than Fiction")

--Tony Scott ("Man on Fire," "Top Gun," and "Crimson Tide" -- among many others)

--Alex Proyas ("Dark City," "I, Robot," and "The Crow")

--Jonathan Mostow ("Breakdown," "U-571," and "Terminator 3")

Our source seems to think that Mr. Forster is among the front-runners for the job, which is a little odd considering he's the only one who's never directed an action scene. (Good director, tho.) Personally I'd love to see what a Tony Scott 007 flick would look like.

We'll let you know when the Bondmakers decide on the director they choose to follow "Casino Royale."

Source: Latino Review