LaBeouf Will Follow Orders for "Indy IV"

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Shia Labeouf is a very outspoken actor, stating what he wants for the press. Even when rumored for "Indy IV," he insisted he did not want to be comic relief. Now that he is confirmed, Labeouf plans to give Steven Spielberg whatever he wants.

"Well, you don't make any demands to Steven Spielberg," said LaBeouf. "You just say, 'Yeah, all right, great. That sounds like a good thing to me.' And Lucas isn't involved as Spielberg with the actors, it's all Steven, but I don't imagine I'll be questioning anything he says. Of course you have to find your voice as an artist, you have to have the tools, you gotta have some say. But I don't imagine it's going to be very easy to say, 'You know Steven, I don?t think that's correct. I think I should do it that way.'"

Of course, this is still early speculation. LaBeouf has not started filming or even seen the script. "We're still trying to figure it out. We haven't gotten in any rehearsals. It's just been a lot of stunt rehearsals and weapons training and stuff like that."

And of course he can't talk about the stunt training either. Maybe it's some whip work. But he did say he has not tried on any hats. "I don't think my character will be wearing a fedora."