RT Talks "Ratatouille," Comedy, and Batman Villains with Patton Oswalt

Teaming up with director Brad Bird, Patton Oswalt's newest project has him lending his flippantly abrasive voice for Pixar's "Ratatouille," opening June 29. Rotten Tomatoes recently spoke with Oswalt about the his role in the film, voicing animation, and the complex craft of telling a joke.

"I do movies, and I write movies, and I act in TV shows so I can do more stand up," Oswalt says, though people who know him strictly from network TV are probably surprised by his vulgar and expletive-laced (but genuinely funny) stand up routine. Primarily known as Spence on "The King of Queens" (he shows up in half the episodes), Oswalt has been amassing a Hollywood presence, with frequent small roles and a sizable portfolio of animated roles.

"Ratatouille" takes place among a clan of rats in France eking a living of eating garbage and avoiding humans. Oswalt voices the lead, a wannabe chef rat named Remy who has a nose for both food and trouble. Remy?s frequent seduction by the sights and smells of gourmet edibles eventually lands him in a fancy restaurant, cooking and cooperating with a garbage boy incognito.

Rotten Tomatoes: What attracted you to "Ratatouille" and the role of Remy?

Patton Oswalt: You know what, nothing attracted me to this role at all. When I got word that Brad Bird wanted me, I would've done anything. I thought I was going up to read for one of the chefs or one of the little rats. Then I find out I'm the lead. And I got that part because we were talking about what "Ratatouille" was about and I'm a big foodie. I follow celebrity chefs and [Bird] saw that enthusiasm and he said, "That's the rat." He also played my CD for the Disney people.

RT: How much of the movie have you seen?

PO: Man, almost none of it. Just a few scenes. I'll probably see it complete when it premieres.

RT: So I've probably seen more of it than you have.

PO: Oh, shut up.

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Jane Holt

What an interesting interview. I agree that Comedian was a great documentary, but his perspective on joke stealing is something I've never heard before. Overall, the Spencinator is a pretty cool guy.

One of the things that I love about Pixar is that they don't automatically hire A-list stars with boring voices to do their films (*cough*Titan A.E.*cough*). They consistently pick great voice actors like Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Crystal, and Tim Allen...among others. Ratatouille is looking good so far, I can't wait.

Jun 5 - 01:19 AM


Jonathan Y

I agree with Metafact. They really do a great job in finding the right voices for the characters. Their voices really add life and soul to the characters and to accepting them as actual beings.

As a student who just finished pastry school, I am super-psyched about this new movie set in France. I don't care much for all those opinions on how this movie doesn't really appeal to the larger audience. For what its worth this might fuel the whole chef-craze that's buzzing around (although I'm not that crazy about that No Reservations movie that's coming out later too).

Jun 5 - 08:43 AM

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