"City of Heroes" to Become a Movie ... or Three

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I keep hearing how cool this "City of Heroes" video game is, but I've never sat down to play it. Now that producer Tom DeSanto is planning a movie version, I'll have to check it out.

According to Variety, Mr. DeSanto (who's also a producer on "Transformers") plans to turn the very popular video game into a big-time movie franchise. Plus there might be some TV plans to consider as well. (Not to mention the also-popular "City of Villains" sequel!)
DeSanto sparked to the project because it offered "one-stop shopping" for characters and plots. "You also haven't seen a big superheroes vs. aliens movie," he said. "I see this as the next big superhero franchise."

The game focuses on Paragon City and the thousands of virtual heroes who do battle with the inter-stellar baddies known as Rikti. Superheroes vs. aliens? Sounds good to me!

Source: Variety