Box Office Guru Preview: Evan Shall Lead the Way


Universal looks to score its first number one hit in nearly a year this weekend with the new Steve Carell comedy "Evan Almighty" which hits the multiplexes on Friday targeting a broad family audience. Back to Article



Rick King

I think a vicinity of around $35 million for Evan is more likely.

1408 will unfortunately die with about $6 million.

Finally, Mighty heart will open with $5 million.

Jun 21 - 08:00 PM


Andy Grant

I know a lot of folks who want to see 1408. 6 is a bit low.

Jun 21 - 08:50 PM


Big Brother

Don't forget the Cusack factor as well. He has a very loyal cult following who will watch anything he's in. That's how they're gonna get me.

Jun 21 - 11:03 PM


Gimy Moo

1408 actually looks pretty decent. i've been waiting for a year to see how Evan is going to do. EVERY preview i've seen looks like sh3t and the whole "biggest comedy budget EVER" makes me wonder if they'll get that moolah back. it just looks SO hack and SO bad. they better hope the Jesus Freak crowd goes just to let their kids see "noah" and the bs bible story because the actual movie looks horrible. such a shame too cuz Carrell is pretty funny. don't do a sequel WITHOUT carrey dumb2sses, PLEASE. dumb and dumbERER?? son of the mask? now this one? you KNOW the new ace ventura is going to be stupid. when are they going to learn...

Jun 22 - 06:02 AM



What's up with Cusack and horror movies? Isn't this his second straight horror film? I love Carrell, but I'm kinda worred he's gonna bomb in this one. I don't care to see it.

Jun 22 - 08:57 AM


Sean Collen

Evan with about 36
1408 with 1 about 15
and a Mighty Heart with around 7

I just hope fantastic four holds well, because it was a decent popcorn flick.

Jun 22 - 10:08 AM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

I hope lots of godless heathens get snuffed when that flood comes, lol.

Jun 22 - 12:26 PM


Anthony Dayton

[b]friggin sick of sequels[/b]
I'm sick of sequels but of course, Evan will kill at the box office I'm guessing 37 million bucks. Now 1408 i have high hopes for but i have to say 17 million big ones. Now for "A Mighty Heart" due to the Evan it will keep parents from seeing this movie I'll say 4 million bucks. Thats not bad for a drama in the middle of summer.

Jun 22 - 02:22 PM

Mr. Kong

Sam jacobs

I saw 1408 and I loved it dearly; but there were only about 10 people in the theater. Then again, it was a very nice day out; I just hope it gets the money it deserves.

Jun 22 - 04:22 PM

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