Comic-Con Premieres New Futurama Footage; Plus, We Interview Futurama's Rich Moore

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Futurama fans were treated well at Comic-Con this year.  Not only did Matt Groening and company assemble for an amusing and informative panel, but Rotten Tomatoes scored an interview with Rich Moore, supervising director of Futurama.  We spoke with Moore in-depth about his work on The Simpsons Movie and the upcoming Futurama flick, Bender's Big Score!, out on DVD November 27th.

First, a recap of the Futurama panel.  Series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen assembled on stage, introducing one at a time the principal voice crew, the director of the DVD movies, and two writers.  A mini Futurama comic was distributed throughout the panel audience, and the voice cast paged through the booklet, doing a hilarious, unrehearsed live reading.

Then they ran the clip, a five-minute collection of random footage from the first DVD movie, out November 27th. Three more are planned, which will be released throughout 2008. Bender's Big Score!  Big Score revolves around Bender being swindled by nude Internet scammers and Planet Express the victim of a hostile takeover.  The plots of the three other movies have yet to be revealed, but all four will be re-edited as 16 TV episodes that will air on Comedy Central in 2008.

The clip starts with Professor Farnsworth's good news that the people at the Box Network that cancelled Planet Express in the first place have been fired, beaten, killed, and ground into a pink powder, much to the delight of Farnsworth's crew. Fan favorite Zoidberg has some of the best scenes in the clip, including popping out of his shell on a nude beach, and reattaching Hermes' decapitated head back onto his body.  Hermes looks down, and is livid to see that Zoidberg has placed his head on backwards. Confused, Zoidberg states he thought Hermes was happy because "his tail was wagging."  Nice. The clip ends with Hypnotoad staring from out the screen, a voice repeatedly commanding the audience to buy the DVDs. 

The floor opened to audience questions, with one of the more compelling inquiries regarding content and budget. Cohen appeared very aware that fans are curious about this issue.  He candidly said that the writing crew had to take a hit, and that instead of a live orchestra a synthesizer was used to score the movies.  But he assured the crowd that this technology was an excellent substitute, and quipped that a synthesizer will eventually start producing scripts.



Nick Sidener

all kinds of awesome

Jul 30 - 07:21 PM


Jaja Jaja


Jul 30 - 07:47 PM


Kurt Farschman

"Good news everyone" (in the Professor's voice.)

I freakin love Futurama. The Simpsons are good, but Futurama is like Illusionator said, "all kinds of awesome". Way better in my book.

Jul 30 - 07:50 PM


Birdy Man

bring this back and keep it back! best cartoon, it was overtaking the simpsons towards its final days.

Jul 30 - 08:07 PM

Scarborough Fair

Kyle Beaudette

Whoahs! This is greats news everyones.

Jul 30 - 08:51 PM


Paul Andersen

I concur.

Jul 30 - 09:24 PM


Albert Ibarra

There is a god...

Jul 30 - 09:52 PM


Harry Myland


..oh wait, wrong series :)

Awesome news regardless, hopefully Futurama can avoid the pitfall Family Guy seems to have fallen into.

Jul 30 - 11:31 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

lets all put magnets on bender and he can sing us a folk song we'll jam to. Let us all thank and or bite MATT GROENING and David X. Cohen'S SHINY METAL ***, this show was awesome and thank Zoidberg's uncle Zoid its back.

Brandigan Law: futurama rocks because of me, Zaph Branigan, the greatest commander since Captain Poppye... are you getting this Kiff? Kiff: sir, we heading into that sun. Zaph: silly, idotic Kiff thats a just a planet with sunny deposition. I swear with your negative attitude we would be doomed. now onward into happiness and put on the a/c!!! Kiff: at least it will over soon.

Jul 31 - 12:04 AM


Han Nguyen

Speechless. Maybe it's hypnotoad that got my tongue.

Jul 31 - 06:57 AM


Brian Lorenzo

Man it feels good to know Futurama is comming back for real. Now that there is footage and an actual plan in place, it's a reality instead of a wish. It is the best animated series to come out in the last decade . no show on television has been as funny or as heartwarming as Futurama. Welcome back, and don't pull a Family Guy.

Jul 31 - 10:45 AM


Nancy Elizabeth

Now here's something to get excited about :)

Jul 31 - 10:46 AM


brian wilson

Even though the reruns on AS have gotten a wee bit played out, Futurama is still one of the best comedies on TV. Way better than the Simpsons (post 90's) or Family Guy in my book, and neck and neck with South Park. Even if the new episodes are on par with the weaker episodes of the series, the show will at it's very least be good.

Jul 31 - 11:52 AM


Big Brother

Sorry to butt in with a completely unrelated comment, but the only article Frank Miller related has already been banished to the archive bin thanks to the new comment system and I'd really like to know what people think about this:

Did anyone else go out and buy the 300 DVD? If so, were you as severely underwhelmed as I was by the special features? This movie made hundreds of millions of dollars basically off fanboy goodwill and they couldn't give us more than a directors commentary? What BS. I'm not big on fans saying it, but they owe us more. I'm sure there's a collectors edition somewhere out there, but it wasn't in the store I got my copy at and should I really have to pay $10 more to see even basic DVD features? Greedy bastards!!!

Jul 31 - 12:55 PM

Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

Everybody, be sure to byu three copies of each of the DVDs to convince them to bring it back.

I know i'll be.

Futurama > Simpsons (90's) South Park > King of the Hill > Family Guy > Simpsons (00s).

Jul 31 - 05:00 PM


John Doe

c'mon FOX, if your CEO's do anything right, give matt groening money for futurama. simpsons is slowly going to have to fade, better let futurama take over soon.

Jul 31 - 07:26 PM


Kurt Farschman

dagreenman I like how you noted that Futurama was heartwarming. It's one of the craziest and smartest comedies out there, yet it also can creep up on you and become very real and touching. I can barely watch the end of the episode about Fry's dog without tearing up and I've seen it like 10 times. I'm not ready to say it's better than South Park but I think that those two shows are two of the best shows ever made (live action or animated).

I haven't watched any of the really new Family Guys but I thought it was as good as it was before when it made it's comeback. Maybe it fell off recently though. I pretty much refuse to watch Fox anymore after canceling Futurama, Family Guy, and Arrested Developement. Nelson's ratings are retarded and I can't believe we still use them, many tv stations do go completely by them, but not Fox. They can't think abstractly as that people in college, or young (or older) non-homeowning adults also watch tv and probably buy tons of dvds. If you don't have a show, you don't have any dvds to sell. I hate Fox sooooo freakin much. I'm glad Futurama isn't going back like Family Guy did to the devil and giving much needed love to Adult Swim.

Aug 1 - 08:15 PM


Michael Spurlock

I am happier than a Spider-Pig!

Aug 13 - 11:09 PM

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