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It's an exciting time here at RT. We've got a new look, some new functionality, and there are even more great changes to come. Back to Article



Andy Hawkes

not a fan of the new colours.. maybe some teething problems too, tatometer currently showing -1% for cloverfield too with 2 rotten 1 fresh.. 33% anyone?

Jan 16 - 02:19 AM


mynameis mynameis

Awesome the forums look absolutely hideous now!

Jan 16 - 05:28 AM


mynameis mynameis

Awesome the forums look absolutely hideous now!

Jan 16 - 05:30 AM


ian mckenna

personally i don't like the celebrity news. I really mis the drop down box of the movies that are in theatres. put the news feed near the top of the page (instead of the critic profile maybe?).
the blue font isn't awful, but green was better imo.
the site is also heavier on bandwidth. I preferred the old site.

Jan 16 - 06:00 AM


ian mckenna

oh, and the search sucks. the old one that just linked to RT was better. Having searches sorted into movies with corresponding year and actors..... sorta important for a website...

Jan 16 - 06:01 AM



I never post rabid comments complaining about this movie or that, but now I finally have something to complain about: The new design of Rotten Tomatoes! Why change it? It was absolutely fantastic before the change. Now I don't just hate the change for hating change, but there are serious drawbacks compared to the previous version.

Besides the many OBVIOUS bugs, there are other issues. I liked being able to see a boat-load of reviews before when I went to a movie page. Now I get a measly 20. I liked having all the Cream of the Crop reviews visible right away, with many of the other regular reviews on the other side. Basically reading the review synopses is less pleasent. I don't want to have to load up another page just to get to the "top critics". Of course, for upcoming movies like Cloverfield, as others have mentioned, the so-called four reviews are not even displayed anywhere!

I also have to agree with many of the other posters here: The blue coloring sucks for the link-text. Many times this light blue is barely contrasted against another similar shade of blue in a frame background. The color is also ugly in its own right. Adding is new columns is good and all, but there%u2019s no point in ruining the look of the site with it.

Jan 16 - 06:16 AM


First Last

Yeah don't like the colors and what happened to the "Cream of the Crop"?

Jan 16 - 06:32 AM


First Last

Yeah don't like the colors and what happened to the "Cream of the Crop"?

Jan 16 - 06:33 AM


Randy Williams

All caps? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Go back to Basic Typography 101.

Jan 16 - 07:36 AM


Tony Wang

Why fix something that wasn't broken? the overall design is too cluttered. the color scheme isn't working. how come there's grass instead of vines for the header graphic? i also don't like how you don't see all the review tidbits on one page. and what happened to the video games section?

Jan 16 - 08:17 AM


trevor weimer

The first thing that caught my attention about the change was my tomatometer widget on my mac was broken. So I came to the site to see what was up. Straight off I notice the "IGN Entertainment" logo. Corporate sell out? Or has tomatoes always been owned by IGN? If you go to the other IGN owned site's you'll notice a very similar web lay out. Drones. No imagination. So no, I don't really like the new look. I come here for movie reviews and movie synopsis. The ad's were getting heavy but I accepted that but now I suspect this will turn into nothing more than a advertising site with some movie reviews. Sleep well on your bed of money, you've achieved the American dream in proper fashion.

Jan 16 - 08:42 AM

harkin banks

Harkin Banks

The baby blue is like the worst decision ever.

Please suck it up and find something not meant to be seen from space.

Jan 16 - 08:47 AM


Eric Jones

After 16 hours, I can take most of these changes- but I cannot forgive the conversion to Google search. The old search page (back when it was just plain RT) was much better.

Jan 16 - 09:03 AM


Tony Wang

Oh, and the new search sucks.

Jan 16 - 09:08 AM


Steve Kinsey

Don't like: The google search results AT ALL! all of those extraneous links are just clutter. I liked the way the results were presented before. If I'm looking for "Marnie" I'm not looking for someone named Marnie or parts of the actual "Marnie" screen like who starred in Marnie. Also don't like that you can't see the top critics and the t-meter critics on the same screen. It'd be nice if you could customize the page layouts to show as you like. Also, the color layout hurts my eyes. The old colors were fine and easier to read. Now you look like every other website. Don't like that you can only see, in the bios, 5 film titles at a time. What's up with that? That's why you go there. I don't want to have to endlessly click through 50 screens to look at Hitchcock's works. Oh, and arggh!!! there's no search box on the celeb pages to navigate? Huh?? am I missing it somewhere?

Do like that pages seem to load a little faster. I also haven't come across any full page ads that we were forced to look at before. But maybe I've been lucky so far today.

Overall, very disappointed. But fixable.

Jan 16 - 09:16 AM

The Great One


go back to the way it was....why change a good thing

Jan 16 - 09:25 AM


miffed one

Could you make the type in the review extracts just a little smaller? I can almost still read it.

Jan 16 - 09:26 AM

Governor Randy

Amy Adams

I like it

Jan 16 - 09:30 AM


William Goss

New, yes. Improved, not so much.

I can tolerate the page design, and can do without the comments, but to have the reviews shoved to the bottom of the film pages - with quotes in the tiniest of type - makes it appear that the very reason behind Rotten Tomatoes has dropped in priority to advertising space and entertainment coverage that can, for the most part, be located elsewhere.

Jan 16 - 09:52 AM


First Last

Pile on!!! Yeah, this does in fact suck. The search is much worse and the layout when you are looking at movie reviews is awful. Now you have 7 pages for a movie when you only needed 4 before. Should have saved the $ and kept it the same.

Jan 16 - 10:38 AM

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