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mc sw

Thumbs down so far. I like the darkness before, and couldn't care less what the reviewers looked like. And where are the reviews for new movies with only 1 or 2 reviews, we could read them before!

Jan 16 - 03:58 PM


brett j-m

I do not like it. It was too big of a change. Plus i can't figure out how to see what the critics rated it. I liked it the way it was before.

Jan 16 - 04:22 PM

The First Kid

a b

Yes, because working hard means functionality is guaranteed.

Jan 16 - 04:39 PM


Jesse Rand

I just popped on here to look up CloverField reviews and now feel compelled to add my two cents about the design of the site. I am a web designer myself (fresh out of college with only a couple sites up right now) Either way this new design is rocking a C right now. The new upper nav is great, but I really don't like your 2.0 concept. I know you want more returning users but this won't help. Look at AICN and IMDB, very simple layouts and people practically live on those sites. You can make this place better looking simply by toning down the non-film stuff ie; editor sections, sweepstakes?!? are you serious? Also bring back the old movie page layouts and just add your new css to them.
I think you are forgetting the crowd that uses this site. We aren't looking for a movie Facebook, we just want to see reviews and exclusive movie news. Another quick suggestion is that on the red headers, get rid of the drop shadows that make it look like 15 headers are trying disparately to get your attention. Being a designer I know how tempting it is to over design every inch of a site, but you need some restraint. The new look can work but tone some things back and push some things further (new small reviews make the best thing about this site seem like an after-thought).

Jan 16 - 04:53 PM


Douglas Meisner

I hate it. I like to get reviews of movies I am renting. Used to be a couple of clicks. The results now has dozens of links with no indication which is the RT review. Am I missing something??

Jan 16 - 05:13 PM


Jason Safe

Hate the new review layout, in particular the inability to view all the review capsules on a single page and the elimination of the third column/'Cream of the Crop' column for addtl. features that I imagine 95% of RT users have little/no interest in. Preferred the darker color scheme of the old site. Hate the new google search engine. Annoyed by 'Fresh People' and other nonsense on the front page.

Jan 16 - 06:14 PM


trevor weimer

"Welcome to the new and improved Rotten Tomatoes. We've spent most of the last year redesigning and rebuilding RT, and I think you're going to like what you see."
Judging but what I've read I think the site changes are getting a 31% which is rotten on the tomatoe scale.
You spent a whole year developing but did you field test your design? Did you send it out to user groups and/or testers?
At the very least it still functions as a movie ratings site.

Jan 16 - 06:52 PM


Charles Nettles

I didn't see anything wrong with the first one. I'm retired from a newspaper. The suits were always changing design and typeface, to no avail. It never did anything to improve circulation or ad revenue. But it did bring in a lot of reader complaints every time they did it. Did they listen? Never.
Neither will you.

Jan 16 - 07:21 PM


Nicholas Hatten

hey, what happened to my "hated it" post? errr...

Jan 16 - 07:32 PM

Cinny Ma

Cinema Critic

I know you must have put lots of thought and work into this new website design, but I much prefer the old website. Can you bring it back? Pleeaassee?

Jan 16 - 07:41 PM


Donnie Gohmann

I absolutely love your site first and foremost. I think the change is great!! Very nice work!

Jan 16 - 07:50 PM


Matt Stauffer

I'm sorry to say this, because I've used RT exclusively since I discovered it last year. I recommend it to anyone I know, and it's the only source I turn to for movie ratings. That having been said, I must say that I registered on the site JUST to post here about how disappointed I am in some of the changes.

The text colors have already been brought up; what hurts me more is the search. I loved how simple it was to get a movie result from RT--type in the omnipresent search bar and get instant results that were accurate and showed you plenty of movies with the other name and when they were posted. This new version? For starters, the search doesn't even work when it's on the side of the page (on this page, for example). But worse than anything, the results are a mishmash of mildly related articles that happen to mention the movie somewhere. Search for Die Hard on the old RT and you get a listing of all the Die Hards and when they came out. Search it on the new RT and you get a gobbledygook that includes Ratatouille (where did that come from?) and a bunch of incomprehensible page titles. PLEASE, PLEASE, return to the old search. Do what you must with design, but at least retain that most essential functionality for the sake of your users.

Jan 16 - 08:14 PM


Timothy Nielsen

Not so much. Hatin the google search thing. Movie search before was much better.

Jan 16 - 09:37 PM


First Last

It looks much better. Kudos.

Jan 16 - 10:05 PM


david james

Some observations:

The search is terrible and cluttered, as others have already said. No reason to use it now.

The colors are quite bad. Very bright, like being stuck in a hospital waiting room. I thought websites had long since figured out that a computer screen is not a piece of paper. Guess not. I used to prefer this site to Metacritic, but not anymore.

The header with the grass is generic, dumb, looks like an afterthought.

"Fresh People" is a pathetic attempt to appeal to the Myspace/Facebook idiots who aren't gonna hang around and click on your ads anyway (if that was the Eureka! moment at the Rotten Tomatoes brainstorming session.) This is something I didn't think this site would ever do since it's such a tiresome problem on a lot of web pages forever trying to dumb it down for the kids. And it should be obvious by the constant emergence of yet another networking site (Friendster, Tribes, dead, dead, etc. etc.) that this is never a demographic to pander to. If you clog the site up to look like a typical flashing Epileptic MySpace page, people simply won't stick around. You'll realize this soon enough.

The actual reviews (the reason the vast majority of your readers come here) are about a 10th of the screen, which is now covered with laughable junk that looks suspiciously like the impulse celebrity magazine section you find near cash registers. Very telling.

Jan 16 - 10:56 PM


Pam Dempsey

Bummer. The new site is trying way too hard to look like a glossy magazine. It's busy, cluttered, an eyesore (Fresh People on the home page is an amazing waste of space). I loved the green funkier simple look... it had a lot of charm and gave RT some identity. I miss the Cream of the Crop rating and reviews shown on the same page as the other reviews. And I miss the old movie search results display. I doubt I'll use Rotten Tomatoes as much as I did before since. This redesign was definitely rotten.

Jan 16 - 11:29 PM


First Last

ugh, i hate the colors. and the margins are a total waste of space. it's also very hard to read the quotes from critics, especially the newspaper/site that they're from. the text is too small!

Jan 17 - 01:51 AM


First Last

oh, and i miss cream of the crop as well! =(

Jan 17 - 01:53 AM

Brad 3000

Brad Arnold

No sir, I don't like it.

Jan 17 - 02:00 AM


bruce eckelman

Sorry folks, but I'm already sick of the "Web 2.0" look. Everybody is doing the same thing because it's "new," and the whole pastel blue and green thing is already tiresome.

The old format looked fine.

Jan 17 - 02:34 AM

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