Our Favorite Moments From The 80th Academy Awards -- An Oscar Pictorial

Stars on the red carpet, winners in the limelight.

We've selected some of our favorite moments from Hollywood's biggest night! Browse our gallery of gowns on the red carpet, winners onstage, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the 80th Annual Academy Awards.

An all-European foursome takes home acting honors at Sunday's Oscars -- France's Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose), England's Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood), England's Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton), and Spain's Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men). Backstage, they pose for a collective moment of celebration.

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Long-suffering Oscar bridesmaid and 2007 Oscar-winner Martin Scorsese presents the Best Director prize to Ethan and Joel Coen for their multiple Oscar-winning No Country For Old Men.

Best Actress Marion Cotillard, whose role as Edith Piaf transformed her into a dowdy street hustler to beloved songbird to frail invalid, delivers one of the night's most genuine speeches.

Marion Cotillard accepts her Oscar...

...and gets a hug in the wings from presenter Forest Whitaker.

Kristin Chenoweth displays her Broadway lungs performing Best Song nominee "That's How You Know" from Enchanted.

Tilda Swinton rises in surprise when she's named Best Supporting Actress for her role in Michael Clayton, arguably the night's biggest upset. Swinton beat out favorites Cate Blanchett (I'm Not There) and Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone) to take home her first Oscar.

Daniel Day-Lewis kneels to The Queen (Helen Mirren) to accept the Oscar for Best Actor.

Musicians Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard sing their song, "Falling Slowly," from the micro-budgeted musical Once.

Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard win the Oscar for Best Song, but Irglova's speech is cut off. Host Jon Stewart breaks precedence by bringing Irglova back onstage, where she delivers another of the night's more plaintive, heartfelt thank yous.

Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones embrace; and Javier Bardem raises a fist in triumph when their film, No Country For Old Men, wins the night's most coveted prize: the Oscar for Best Picture.

Of course, there was more glitz and glamour on the red carpet...click images below for stars like Cate Blanchett, Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Garner, and more!

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Paul Wulff

One of my favorite moments was watching Amy Adams sing "Happy Working Song." Enchanted was very entertaining and I took my 2 year old to it and she loved it. I could not believe that she sat there the whole time and watched it all. She even danced during it too.

Amy Adams has also solidified herself in my mind as one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.

Feb 27 - 12:27 PM


Sam Dunning

Once winning and letting Marketa back on stage (and their performance or "Falling Slowly") was the best part, by far.

Feb 27 - 12:49 PM


Eric Schulze

My favorite speech of the night had to be Marion. I think that was one of the best reactions in all of oscar history, right up there with Cuba.

...though my favorite part of the night? The biggest Wii game ever played.

Feb 27 - 12:53 PM

Bane Of Anubis


My favorite part was seeing the Nielsen ratings afterward

Feb 27 - 01:14 PM


anonymous anonymous

I'm definitely glad he let Irglova come back out, it was one of the best moments of the night.

Shame that ratings were down, I thought that Stewart did a great job and I'd love to see him back in years to come. He's definitely getting some heat over the ratings, but I think it's more that the movies and actors nominated tended to be less of the big stars. Not having any major awards in the first half hour probably also hurt - what happened to having best supporting as the first award of the show?

Feb 27 - 01:14 PM


Daren Fowler

Seeing Marion win for, in my mind, the best performance so far this decade was the best part for me, I was jumping around and screaming in joy. And Irglova getting to give the acceptance speech that they rudely stop earlier that night was beautiful and she made good use of that time.

Feb 27 - 01:19 PM

Jen Yamato

Jen Yamato

I love that shot of Marion Cotillard in the wings, immediately after winning Best Actress, in that quiet hug with Forest Whitaker...

Feb 27 - 01:38 PM


Mike Tabor

I like the Oscars but I still like the Independant Spirit Awards better, it's a more "real" feeling atmosphere. Plus it doesn't waste your time with awards like "sound editing, sound mixing, and lame songs from disney movies. But I still respect the Oscars and watch anything that gets nominated.

Feb 27 - 01:45 PM


Chris *******

My favorite part was definitely when Stewart let Irglova back on stage to say her thanks. That was very classy.

Feb 27 - 02:27 PM

Floor Man

Floor Man

Some of my favorite parts were...

%u2022 When Marion Cotillard delivered her acceptance speech...WOW. If you didn't smile during it, I'm quite positive that something's wrong with you.
%u2022 When Tilda Swinton pulled her upset win. I think she deserved that Oscar all the way.
%u2022When Stewart brought Markéta Irglová back for her speech.
%u2022The performance of "Falling Slowly"...their chemistry and musical talent is amazing!
%u2022When "The Bourne Ultimatum" won all three of its nominations. :) Well deserved.

Feb 27 - 03:48 PM


Alex Smith

I love the picture of Tilda, shocked and exasperated, rising from the crowd.

Marion made the night worthwhile.
She delivered one of the most passionate Oscar speeches I've ever seen, and one of my favorite Oscar moments ever.

Feb 27 - 05:32 PM


jonathan ramirez

i loved when cotillard won, when day-lewis won, and the song from "Once", but definately my favorite moment was bardem's victory, because a.his speech was very heartfelt and humble and b. i wanted him to win!!!!

Feb 27 - 05:34 PM


Nova Lee

Haha Forest you old snooper.Yeah Marion come and cry on my shoulder.

My favourite moment was on the red carpet. Gary Busey scaring the hell out of Jennifer Garner.

Feb 27 - 06:06 PM


ken daily

Jon Stewart was a great Oscar host. The best part was that Oscar brought back the girl from Once to complete her speech.

Feb 27 - 06:08 PM


Chris Moore

That's the bad thing about getting most of your Oscar predictions correct: knowing who's going to win makes for bad television. Thank you, Tilda Swinton, for throwing a surprise my way.

Feb 27 - 11:22 PM


Paul Wulff

The moment that Tilda Swinton won I yelled "The White Queen from Narnia won the Oscar, we're all doomed!"

I also had a second thought that Irglova's speech was heart felt. Maybe the European sweep of the acting awards was a wake up call to Hollywood to stop making cookie cutter films and remakes. Maybe they need some more originality.

Feb 28 - 04:39 AM


joe shmo

i don't think that the recipients of the acting awards have anything to do with hollywood needing to shift away from picking a lot of easy, obvious projects (even though it does need to do that) because only cotillard was in a non-american film.

yeah they're european actors, but they still come to hollywood to get famous and do interesting projects. hollywood does crank out a lot of lame flicks, but last year was also one of the best years for movies in some time. so...

Feb 28 - 10:14 AM


joe shmo

i don't think that the recipients of the acting awards have anything to do with hollywood needing to shift away from picking a lot of easy, obvious projects (even though it does need to do that) because only cotillard was in a non-american film.

yeah they're european actors, but they still come to hollywood to get famous and do interesting projects. hollywood does crank out a lot of lame flicks, but last year was also one of the best years for movies in some time. so...

Feb 28 - 10:14 AM


Aleesha Lambert

I was rather disapointed that they didn't have Amy Adams sing "Thats how you know", it just was not the same. Chenowith over did the performance, and does not have the same sweetness to her. It was wierd that Chenowith blazed on stage with the full movie scene while Amy performed by herself. All in all though, good night.

Feb 28 - 11:47 AM


solomon sassoon

THIS YEARS OSCARS were the MOST DEPRESSING, uninvolving, unentertaining ceremoines held in a lifetime. That the fact the the most BOGUS of these ceremonies was held celebrating 80 years of Oscars is something, I'm not sure one should cry or laugh about.

The movies represented this year were the MOST DEPRESSING, TASTELESS and all out annoying and crappy movies to be seen in cinema for an entire decade.

A huge number of audiences are still dumbfounded, trying to figure out HOW THE HELL CRITICS WERE ABLE TO LURE THEM INTO WATHING THAT TASTELESS PIECE-OF-CRAP THAT IS "NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN". What the hell is it that Critics WORSHIP about that bogus and annoying movie still remains a Mystery.

Why DANIEL DAY LEWIS got an Oscar for SIMPLY RERPISING HIS ROLE FROM SCORCESE'S "Gangs of New york"-- with the same accent also-- is another serious question.
WHOEVER DID REALLY GOOD CINEMA THIS YEAR ("Gone Baby Gone", "Zodiac" among the many) were ABSOLUTELY ABSENT from this completely crappy ceremony, which had NOTHING at all to do with movies, audiences REALLY enjoyed this year.

Who the hell is Marion Cottiard? Did ANYONE except the narcisstic critics SEE HER FILM? Is it just me or does the Academy of BOGUS PICTURES give the best Actress award the the actress who comes with the most revealing dress every single year?

THIS IS THE SECOND YEAR I've not stayed awake to watch this crappy ceremony, where ininvolving and unentertaining movies are rewarded, and that was a smart decision in hindsight. (I taped it and watched the main parts which were bogus and dissapointing in the nominations and choices...)

And with Jon Stewart's tasteless and repetitive Democratic-party-arse-kissing jokes, situation is definately NOT looking better Oscar years to come. Oscars have fallen from thier might.

Giving "No country" best movie? Lowest form of Oscars ever.

Mar 11 - 05:07 AM


solomon sassoon

COMPARED TO THIS YEARS DEPRESSING AND ANNOYING OSCARS, even the RAZZIES Awards ceremony was considerably more entertaining (and fair).

Mar 11 - 05:32 AM

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