Spielberg Following Tintin With Lincoln?


It's been three years, but it looks like Liam Neeson might finally get to strap on a stovepipe hat for Steven Spielberg's long-discussed Lincoln biopic next year. Back to Article



joe shmo

yeah stevesie, do 'lincoln.' i feel like it's lingered in production limbo almost as long as 'inglorious bastards' (lord will that film EVER get made?).

but seriously, please DON'T cast laboof as tin-tin. i know he's your little golden boy right now, but mike cera would work so much better. and i know it's gonna be a pain in the a$$ on set, but can you get a real dog to play that little white terrier tin-tin has? i just think that would be a nice touch.

i'm curious how senor spielbergo and peter jackson's versions will pair. the former's will probly be lighter and the latter darker, but beyond that, all i'm expecting is that they'll do justice to the books, which i read fanatically as a kid. and remember guys, less is more on the cgi tip.

as far as 'lincoln' goes, can you think of a more qualified choice than liam neeson? dude looks just like honest abe and he's just a great actor. oh and if this one hits, expect the george washington biopic to be fast-tracked quicker than 'iron man 2.' just in time for president's day 2011 or something.

May 12 - 06:44 AM

Angel Dust

Duncan Cole

Neeson as abe sounds great. Hopefully he pulls a great performance and gets that Oscar he should have got for Kinsey.

May 12 - 07:32 AM


jack giroux

Great hes finnaly doing Lincoln, I can wait for Tintin. Also I hope he ends up doing Chicago 7. Damn isnt Spielberg a machine I mean he did Saving Private Ryan, Schindlers list, et, empire of the sun, minority report, catch me if you can, close encounters, jurrasic park, jaws,and the indy series (im sure the new one will be great).

May 12 - 08:58 AM

Unbreakable Samurai

Unbreakable Samurai

I'll believe it when they actually start filming, I swear he's talked about this almost as long as he's been talking about another Indy. I really do hope that he does it though. They don't mention it hear but Sally Field has already been cast as the Mrs. too.

May 12 - 09:47 AM


Anthony Lewis

I couldn't be more hyped about a Lincoln movie. SS helming it makes it even better.

May 12 - 09:53 AM


Andrew O

Think Tom Cruise could play John Wilkes Booth?

May 12 - 03:04 PM


First Last

I am pretty sure this Lincoln movie is going to be great. Spielberg is always a sure bet, but he's got the Tony Kushner screenwriting. Another sure fire classic.

May 12 - 05:17 PM


Nate 2709

Whoever plays John Wilkes Booth has a hell of a good shot at a supporting actor nomination.

May 12 - 06:40 PM


Arend Anton

Of Spielberg's upcoming projects, this is really the only one that interests me a whole lot.

Wasn't he also talking about a sci-fi movie, though? That one sounded interesting.

May 12 - 08:16 PM


christopher cantos

no matter how good LINCON will be... the RISE AND FALL OF THEODORE ROOSEVELT will be better.

May 13 - 05:11 AM

the whole idea

MooN AlAn

oh, this'll be great! liam neeson with a crazy beard and a stovepipe giving speeches for 3 1/2 hrs // kinda like for those who went to titanic and didn't know the boat sunk... and that's the whole idea...

May 13 - 07:48 PM

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