Indiana Jonesin': The Best of Harrison Ford

We count down his best roles outside of the Indiana Jones franchise.

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7. Jack Trainer in Working Girl
Tomatometer: 81%

Even in his lighter films, Ford played it straight. As Jack Trainer, the male object of desire in Mike Nichols' corporate climbing romantic comedy, Ford is a man stuck between two women: Sigourney Weaver's power broker, and Melanie Griffiths' working class beauty. With a roguish charm, he fends off Katharine's advances and succumbs to Tess as every leading man should: by deferring to her brilliance.

Best quote:
Jack Trainer: "I've been looking for you."
Tess McGill: "Why, do you know me?"
Jack Trainer: "No, but I promised myself that when I saw you, I would get to know you."


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6. Rusty Sabich in Presumed Innocent
Tomatometer: 91%

Prosecutor Rusty Sabich has gotten beyond a recent affair with a co-worker (Greta Scacchi) -- until she winds up dead. Investigating her murder leads to a whole mess of city-level politics and scandal... but the real shock is waiting at home in a final act twist, courtesy of novelist Scott Turow and conspiracy flick director Alan J. Pakula.

Best quote: "I'm going to need a lawyer, a very, very good lawyer, an expensive lawyer."

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5. Dr. Richard Kimble in The Fugitive
Tomatometer: 93%

In the thick of his most prolific and successful period, Ford took on the role of Dr. Richard Kimble, a surgeon wrongfully accused of killing his wife. On the lam from a U.S. Marshall (the Oscar-winning Tommy Lee Jones), he follows the trail of a mysterious one-armed man in order to prove his innocence -- and makes us believe the good doctor is as resourceful, canny, and elusive as MacGyver himself.

Best quote: "It wasn't me. It was the one-armed man."


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4. Han Solo in Star Wars
Tomatometer: 95%

How do you describe the innate coolness of Han Solo? The loner space cowboy with a Wookie for a BFF epitomized an unruffled, rascally spirit that came to define Ford''s most memorable youthful roles. Sparring with Jabba the Hutt (and with his own conscience), Han ditches the smuggler's life to join Luke and Leia in the rebel cause in Episode IV -- and becomes one of the most-worshipped heroes in pop culture history.

Best quote: "Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy!"