What The Hell Happened To Shannon Elizabeth?

From American Pie to -- well, that's pretty much it.

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In our second installment of What The Hell Happened To... we again turn to the Tomatometer to chart the rise and fall of a once-promising Hollywood talent. [To read our inaugural assessment of actor Wesley Snipes, click here.] What will the Tomatometer tell us, and is there any remedy for Shannon Elizabeth?

Thirty-four-year-old Shannon Elizabeth got her first big break in 1999 as Nadia, the busty foreign exchange student in the R-rated comedy hit American Pie. Nearly ten years later, Elizabeth is now best known for... her role as Nadia, the busty foreign exchange student in American Pie. This week, following years of unsuccessful bids at television and film stardom and having devoted considerable time to her "second career" -- playing professional poker -- Elizabeth appears as a hooker in Deal, a new video release that we also note is currently enjoying a solid zero percent on the Tomatometer.

How, we ask, did this come to be? How did a ShoWest Star of Tomorrow (class of 2001) find herself in barely-released feature films and noticed more for her hobbies (and her breasts) than her craft?

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Set adrift on memory bliss as we revisit ten years of career choices by Shannon Elizabeth.

First up: The Early Years