What The Hell Happened To Shannon Elizabeth?

From American Pie to -- well, that's pretty much it.

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Breaking Out in American Pie

  • 59% -- American Pie (1999)

    For Shannon Elizabeth, 1999 was a big year. (Unfortunately, it remains her only big year to date.) Despite her clunky "Czechoslovakian" accent, she landed the role every brunette model-type in Hollywood desperately coveted: Nadia, the sexy foreign exchange student in American Pie. As the object of Jim's (Jason Biggs) teenage lust, Elizabeth launched herself into the annals of pop culture with a memorable comedic turn and a raunchy strip scene; it didn't hurt that she went topless.

    That nude scene also paved the way for another milestone in her bourgeoning career: posing for Playboy. In the lad magazine's August 1999 edition, Elizabeth delivered the full monty, cementing her rising popularity with her key demographic: namely, male fans. (She would later go on record regretting posing for the photo spread.)

    But more importantly, American Pie gave Elizabeth another significant boost; she signed a three-picture deal with Miramax that year. (It would pay-off almost immediately with a co-starring role in Scary Movie.)

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