DreamWorks and Michael Bay to Reunite for James Frey Sci-Fi Project


DreamWorks has picked up the film rights to James Frey's "I Am Number Four," an as-yet unpublished science fiction book (and the first in a proposed six-volume series) by James Frey. Michael Bay is on board to produce and possibly direct. Back to Article



Gerard Espiritu

Just make sure Michael Bay doesn't make his teen stars look like beer commercial models instead of real characters we can identify with, and that he would focus on the plot and less on the sexual innuendos he is very much fond of.

Jun 29 - 01:08 AM


christopher cantos

oh man... i want Bay to be as smart as he can be in making movies...

sure ROTF had the best special effects ever in movies but it is so evident that the movie sucked BIG TIME... i know alot of people enjoy it for what it is, but you got to admit, the film was Horrible even for Bay's standard. Armaggedon and the Rock is even better than ROTF...

i'm not one of those guys who want every action movie to be Raiders or TDK, but ROTF really sucked if compared to other mindless action films.... Transformers 1 was way better than ROTF. the ROTF action scenes goes on forever. there is no beggining and no end. which works if a movie is shorter but for almost 3 hours? for the first time in my Life i understood the Bay haters. i mean, sure people bash him for his films but i still liked Armageddon, The Rock, and Pearl Harbor. ROTF is so obvious that it is a bad film, and i'm not nitpicking here. it is just so apparent. Best Bay film is still Transformers 1

Jun 29 - 01:43 AM

Nine Oh Two

Nine Oh Two .

Wow, I didn't know James Frey still had a career after the disaster that was "A Million Little Pieces". I don't know if a lot of people remember, but that book was a huge source of controversy. It was supposed to be a biography about Frey's drug rehabilitation but it was later revealed to be highly fictionalized.

The only problem was that it was already the darling of Oprah's book club at the time, which lead me to wonder if Oprah even reads books, because anyone w/ 1/2 a brain could easily tell "A Million Little Pieces" was fake.

Jun 29 - 04:27 AM


JJ Garcia

I've heard about Frey's controversy and his fued with Oprah. Although I read somewhere that they have made amends. Anyway, I hope Bay reels it in and focues, at least a little, on characterization and plot this time around. he can still make a gajillion dollars and have great story too.

Jun 29 - 10:34 AM

Jack Waters

zachary leeman

This is awesome! Frey is an incredibly talented writer. "A Million Little Pieces" was an amazing book. And anyone who still criticizes him for lying in some parts, then in the words of Bruce Willis: "James Frey is a writer, okay? He can write whatever he wants." It's sad when even Hudson Hawk can state the obvious and Oprah can't. Anyway, I hope Bay will finally move on from Transformers and direct this. Also, these books make me very excited because Frey is involved. And FYI: he's had a very successful career since the controversy. He wrote a good follow- up called "My Friend Leonard" and also a very good book set in L.A. called "Bright Shiny Morning."

P.S.- it would be cool if Willis got involved in starring in this film and I can't wait for him to make Kane and Lych.

Jun 29 - 10:55 AM

Jack Waters

zachary leeman

My bad. Don't know what I was thinking saying Willis should get involved. He wouldn't. I forgot he hates Bay and Bay hates him ever since Armageddon and they just hated eachother even more when they shared words around the time of Live Free or Die Hard. But still Willis also had clashes with Antoine Fuqua over Tears of the Sun and he might work with him again on Scarpa, so you never know. But it doesn't matter I just want Willis to make Kane and Lynch, already.

Jun 29 - 11:00 AM


Elisha Benjamin

Maybe this will give him a chance to make his first good movie in years without destroying a beloved franchise.

Hey, I'm all for it.

Jun 30 - 04:20 PM

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