Total Recall

Wednesday, Nov. 05 2014, 03:21 PM

Not so very long ago, Matthew McConaughey appeared doomed to join the Hollywood scrap heap of handsome guys who just don't have a reliable knack for picking the right script, but these days, it seems like everything he touches turns to cinematic gold -- and with a starring role in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar looming on this weekend's horizon, McConaughey's recent hot streak seems safe for at least another blockbuster. With that in mind, we decided to devote this week's list to a look back at his ever-more-impressive filmography, so settle in: all right, all right, all right, it's time for Total Recall!

The Simpsons: Season 26
Thursday, Oct. 30 2014, 04:11 PM

This month, The Simpsons aired its 25th "Treehouse of Horror" episode, marking 75 spooktacular shorts of Springfield's favorite dysfunctional family. See which Halloween segments are critics' favorites and why!

Thursday, Oct. 23 2014, 11:11 AM

Watch enough TV, and the programming landscape can start to feel a bit repetitive after a while; if you've seen a handful of sitcoms, soaps, procedurals, or reality shows, sometimes it's easy to assume you've seen them all. But this is not to say that every so often, network execs aren't capable of indulging the occasional flight of fancy. In fact, the dial is often littered with memorably idiosyncratic shows -- some of which we later look back on with befuddled bemusement and wonder what the people behind the scenes could have been thinking. This week, we raise a glass to those not-so-noble failures, so start practicing your most quizzical facial expressions -- it's time for Total Recall!

Wednesday, Oct. 15 2014, 04:15 PM

Today he's one of the most bankable movie stars in Hollywood, and one of the few actors audiences will pay to see no matter what sort of role he's playing ? whether it's action, drama, or comedy the script calls for, having Brad Pitt's name above the title is about as close as anyone can come to a guarantee for a hit film. Not so long ago, however, Pitt was just another good-looking dude with enough gumption to work his way into a steady stream of TV shows and bit parts in movies. He's come a long way, for sure, and to celebrate his latest starring role -- in David Ayer's Fury, opening this weekend -- we decided the time was right for a brand new Brad Pitt edition of Total Recall.

The Flash: Season 1
Thursday, Oct. 09 2014, 02:01 PM

The Flash raced onto TV last night, but viewers with long memories may recall that this isn't the DC speedster's first foray onto the small screen. John Wesley Shipp first donned the red-and-gold suit in 1990, but it was gone after a single season -- and remembering that first Flash in the pan got us thinking about other superhero who came and went, so we decided to dedicate this week's list to long-forgotten TV superheroes. Don those masks, readers -- it's time for Total Recall!

The Vampire Diaries: Season 6
Thursday, Oct. 02 2014, 02:36 PM

TV vampire fans suffered a painful loss in August, when HBO's True Blood aired its series finale after seven sudsy seasons of sharp-fanged melodrama. All is not lost, however; the CW's The Vampire Diaries begins its sixth season on October 2, and in honor of its return, we decided to dedicate this week's list to a look back at some of the small screen's most noteworthy nosferatus. It's time for Total Recall!

Wednesday, Sep. 24 2014, 03:20 PM

Over the course of his more than 30 years in show business, Denzel Washington has done pretty much everything -- he's played cops (good and bad), lawyers, reporters, educators, doctors, mobsters, and more, earning two Academy Awards and more than a billion dollars in box office grosses along the way. In this weekend's The Equalizer, Washington reunites with his old pal, director Antoine Fuqua, to deliver one more lethally effective variation on the timeless tale of a mysterious vigilante who brings the pain to a cadre of nasty Russian gangsters in order to protect one of their young victims (ChloŽ Grace Moretz), and we thought it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a fresh look back at his brightest critical highlights. It's time for Total Recall!

True Detective : Season 1
Thursday, Sep. 18 2014, 01:58 PM

It's hard to stand out on a crowded programming dial, and that's probably always been especially true for the stars of crime procedurals; often, making one's mark isn't as easy as simply lowering one's shades while Roger Daltrey screams on the soundtrack. In order to rise above the fray, detective shows sometimes resort to adding the odd wrinkle or two in order to get our attention -- and although this tactic isn't always successful, sometimes it really, really works. In honor of all those offbeat gumshoes, this week, we're devoting Total Recall to an appreciative look back at some of the quirkiest crime-solvers in TV history. Join us, won't you?

Thursday, Sep. 11 2014, 08:55 PM

The journey between arthouse and IMAX can be a treacherous trip for an actor, but Liam Neeson has navigated it more nimbly than most over the course of his lengthy career, booking major roles in Serious Movies (Schindler's List) while leaving room for horror (The Haunting), romance (Love Actually), and blockbuster franchises (The Phantom Menace, Batman Begins) -- not to mention a recent string of action thrillers that, with this weekend's Non-Stop, finds Mr. Neeson kicking bad-guy butt on a crowded transatlantic flight. What better way to celebrate his accomplishments than a look at his best-reviewed movies? Here's Total Recall!

Wednesday, Sep. 10 2014, 03:50 PM

If you were asked to name one actor capable of playing ex-cons, hitmen, and God, you'd be hard pressed to do any better than Morgan Freeman -- which is, probably not coincidentally, why he's played all those characters (among many others) over the course of his distinguished, nearly 50-year career. And even as he reaches the half-century mark as a professional actor, Freeman shows no signs of slowing down; in fact, this weekend's Dolphin Tale 2 is just one of an incredible six films he's slated to appear in this year. All of which explains why we were shocked and appalled to realize Mr. Freeman was overdue for the Total Recall treatment, and knew we needed to seize upon this opportunity to repent. Hey you guys, it's time for Total Recall!

Thursday, Sep. 04 2014, 03:07 PM

We're entering another TV season, which means dozens of optimistic new shows are lined up to make their premieres -- and unfortunately, it also means that most of those fresh additions will be gone by summer. To celebrate their stars' and creators' bravery in the face of all-but-insurmountable odds, we decided to dedicate this week's feature to a selection of programs who were sacrificed to the television gods after only a single airing, and came up with an eclectic list of overnight sensations culled from across several decades of abrupt failure. Don't change that dial -- it's time for Total Recall!

Thursday, Aug. 28 2014, 01:09 PM

This weekend, Pierce Brosnan rejoins the action-star ranks with The November Man, a new thriller from director Roger Donaldson (The Bank Job) about a retired CIA agent lured back into the game for one last mission. But if the sight of the former James Bond coolly wielding a pistol reminds you of Brosnan's past secret-agent glories, we're here to remind you that his filmography is about so much more than characters with a certain set of skills; in fact, he's been part of a long series of critically acclaimed -- and eclectic -- projects. How many of your favorites match up with the critics? Let's start the countdown and find out!

Thursday, Aug. 21 2014, 03:41 PM

Since breaking into Hollywood in 1992 with his low-budget masterpiece El Mariachi, Robert Rodriguez has done it all -- and not only in terms of his eclectic filmography, which includes action, sci-fi, horror, comedy, and family-friendly thrills. He's also one of the most hands-on filmmakers in the studio system, assuming editing, composing, and cinematography duties on top of directing, writing, and production. Given all that, we felt it was only right that we honor Rodriguez's work on the long-awaited Sin City sequel A Dame to Kill For by taking a look back at some of the brightest critical highlights from his career. It's time for Total Recall!

Thursday, Aug. 14 2014, 02:51 PM

She's one of the most highly respected stars of the stage, television, and film, with an Oscar, four Emmys, and membership in the Order of the British Empire to her credit -- but Helen Mirren's eclectic filmography has always had room for more than serious arthouse fare. She's also appeared in plenty of popcorn flicks, including National Treasure 2, Inkheart, and Red, which found her toting a machine gun and blowing away bad guys alongside Bruce Willis. It's been a career worth celebrating, to say the least, and this week, it expands to include Mirren's starring turn in Lasse Hallstrom's culinary drama, The Hundred-foot Journey. How better to pay tribute than a Total Recall dedicated to Dame Mirren's ten best films?

Wednesday, Aug. 13 2014, 04:00 PM

She's earned seven Golden Globes, three Oscars, two Emmys, and a Tony nomination -- almost a real-life EGOT! -- and this week, Meryl Streep gets the Total Recall treatment in honor of her appearance as Chief Elder in The Giver, Phillip Noyce's adaptation of the classic Lois Lowry novel about a boy (Brenton Thwaites) whose encounter with a mysterious figure (Jeff Bridges) shakes his understanding of his seemingly idyllic community. From comedies to dramas, Meryl's done it all -- and tried on countless accents along the way. Let's take a look at the best-reviewed films from her illustrious career, Total Recall style!

Wednesday, Aug. 13 2014, 10:59 AM

Over the course of his long and distinguished career, Robin Williams won five Grammys, four Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Emmys, and an Oscar, not to mention more than $3 billion in lifetime grosses -- not bad for a stand-up comedian who became a household name as the star of Mork and Mindy, a Happy Days spinoff sitcom about a goofball alien. Now, please join us in paying tribute to one of Hollywood's most eclectic stars by looking back at some of his filmography's many dazzling critical highlights. We've focused on Williams' larger roles, which meant leaving out memorable-but-brief appearances in films like Hamlet and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, but we think you'll agree that what ended up making the cut was still pretty darn impressive.

Thursday, Jul. 31 2014, 03:22 PM

The Godfather of Soul gets his cinematic due this weekend with the James Brown biopic Get On Up, starring 42's Chadwick Boseman as the legendary singer. The prospect of watching director Tate Taylor's dramatization of Brown's remarkable life has left all of us in the RT offices with ants in our pants and the need to dance, so we decided to devote this week's list to a celebration of all things filmic and funky. Jump back, we wanna kiss ourselves: It's time for Total Recall!

Thursday, Jul. 24 2014, 02:46 PM

From the football field to the professional wrestling arena to the big screen, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has dominated every field he's entered -- and with his latest action outing, Brett Ratner's Hercules, flexing its way into cineplexes this weekend, we figured now would be a pretty good time to honor that success by taking a fond look back at what he's been cooking at theaters since breaking into the movie business. Oil up those pecs, because it's time for Total Recall!

Thursday, Jul. 17 2014, 12:05 PM

From the moment she made Jim Carrey's eyes pop out of his skull in The Mask, it was clear Cameron Diaz was a star in the making -- and she immediately started making good on that promise, building a diverse filmography that boasts an impressive number of box office hits. Along the way, Cameron has also accumulated a fair bit of critical acclaim -- and since she's returning to theaters this week with Jason Segel in director Jake Kasdan's Sex Tape, we thought it was high time to take a look back at some of her proudest moments. That's right, film fans -- it's time to Total Recall!

Thursday, Jul. 10 2014, 12:46 PM

Much has been made of the unorthodox way Richard Linklater filmed Boyhood, working with the same cast over a twelve-year span -- but it's also worth pointing out that the cast in question boasts plenty of talent, including Linklater's frequent male lead, Ethan Hawke. With Boyhood opening in limited release this weekend, we decided to take the opportunity to have a look at Hawke's filmography -- and although it's as stuffed with Linklater collaborations as you might expect, there's also a lot more going on here, including some of the most cherished movies of the 1980s, 1990s, and beyond. Cast off that planet of regret sitting on your shoulders, because it's time for Total Recall!

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