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Friday, Aug. 16 2013, 04:40 PM

The Dog Days of Summer brought us and Hollywood a sort of "meh" week in movie development news stories. Included in the mix in this week's Ketchup, however, are stories involving one of Disney's big animated movies for 2016 (Zootopia), new projects for directors Darren Aronofsky and the directors of Mud and Oblivion, and new roles for Vin Diesel and Kristen Wiig.

Friday, Aug. 09 2013, 04:20 PM

This week's Ketchup includes coverage of news stories for the sequels Finding Dory, The Expendables 3, Now You See Me 2, and Paranormal Activity 5 (which is actually Paranormal Activity 6... sort of). There's also new movie projects for Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, and Life of Pi director Ang Lee.

Friday, Aug. 02 2013, 04:20 PM

This week's Ketchup covers seven days of movie development news including the latest on James Cameron's continued plans for the world of Avatar and reboots and/or remakes of Akira, Quasimodo and Scarface.

Friday, Jul. 26 2013, 04:20 PM

This week coming off the end of San Diego Comic-Con lacked some of the big names seen in a typical week. But, hey, that just left room for two different remakes of Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, as well as remakes of The Butterfly Effect, and a Rocky spinoff focusing on Apollo Creed's grandson. Every thing old is new again.

Monday, Jul. 22 2013, 05:26 PM

The Weekly Ketchup is normally published on Fridays, but this is a special edition just covering the events of San Diego Comic-Con 2013, hence the Monday publication date instead. Read on for the latest news involving the latest comic book adaptations, as long as they were published by DC, Marvel, or Rob Liefeld.

Friday, Jul. 19 2013, 03:50 PM

This week, many of Hollywood's movers and shakers are down in San Diego for Comic-Con. So, there will actually be another Ketchup column on Monday to cover all of the news stories that either emerged there, or were at least timed in conjunction with SDCC. Indeed, this weekend, the Internet in general is sort of obsessed with all things SDCC, so this entry of the Weekly Ketchup will attempt to be a response to that. Here are the top stories this week that were NOT connected to San Diego Comic-Con!

Friday, Jul. 12 2013, 04:45 PM

This was another slow week in Hollywood movie development news for two reasons. Many people are still on summer vacation the week after Independence Day, and we're still before next week's San Diego Comic Con, which is usually a huge "news dump" each year. Marvel got several stories ahead of the pack (including news of an X-Force movie), and there are also new projects for Ben Affleck and Johnny Depp.

Friday, Jul. 05 2013, 06:01 PM

Because Independence Day is on a Thursday this year, this week's Ketchup is a much slimmer crop of movie development stories to recap, and so what you'll see here are several stories that probably would not have made the cut in other busier and longer weeks. Included in the mix are new adaptations of classic novels The Grapes of Wrath and The Sound and the Fury, new roles for Nicolas Cage and Helen Mirren, and a remake of Jacob's Ladder.

Friday, Jun. 28 2013, 05:20 PM

This Week's Ketchup includes sequel news for Taken 3, the fifth Terminator, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1; movies based on Captain Planet, Encyclopedia Brown, and Knight Rider; and new roles for Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, and (maybe) Vin Diesel.

Friday, Jun. 21 2013, 04:20 PM

Here's a "very special" edition of the Weekly Ketchup, as Hollywood this week was assaulted by an onslaught of sequel news stories comparable to either the Kryptonians in Man of Steel or the zombies in World War Z (take your pick of timely film references). We've got superhero sequels (The Avengers 2 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2), science fiction sequels (Independence Day 2 and Terminator 5), comedy sequels (Bad Teacher 2 and Dumb and Dumber To), and even a sequel to Dolphin Tale. And next week, this column will even get a sequel.

Friday, Jun. 14 2013, 04:20 PM

This week's Ketchup includes movie development stories for several video game adaptations (this week was E3), and sequels for Man of Steel, Planes, The Purge, and the Terminator franchise. There's also new roles for Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, and Emma Watson.

Friday, Jun. 07 2013, 04:20 PM

This week's Ketchup includes movie development news stories involving the next James Bond movie, movies based on the comic books Archie, Fables and Guardians of the Galaxy, and new roles for Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, and Denzel Washington.

Friday, May. 31 2013, 05:00 PM

This week's Ketchup sees Hollywood returning to "work" after the Memorial Day weekend, resulting in lots of news stories concerning high profile properties. Included in the mix are the next two James Bond movies, Alice in Wonderland 2, The Expendables 3, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean 5, and... a Grumpy Cat movie?

Friday, May. 24 2013, 02:23 PM

This week's Ketchup covers a slow movie development news week as Hollywood collectively prepared for the long Memorial Day weekend to come. Included in the mix are new roles for two of the stars of Game of Thrones, sequel news for Red 3, and a new role for one of the stars of that franchise, Morgan Freeman. All that and a remake of Timecop.

Friday, May. 17 2013, 12:00 AM

This week's Ketchup covers the days leading up to this year's Cannes Film Festival, at which dozens of movies are announced, and casting deals are made. Included in the mix are two new movies each for Chris Pine, Will Smith, and Hailee Steinfeld, and also new roles for Robert Downey Jr, Shia LaBeouf, and Arnold Schwarzenegger... in The Toxic Avenger?

Friday, May. 10 2013, 04:20 PM

This week's Ketchup covers movie development news stories that include new entries in the Dungeons & Dragons, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Mission: Impossible franchises, as well as the next movies from such acclaimed directors as Paul Thomas Anderson and Martin Scorsese.

Friday, May. 03 2013, 04:56 PM

This week's Ketchup includes movie development news for new entries in the Fantastic Four and Men in Black franchises, and new roles for Jessica Chastain, Johnny Depp and Reese Witherspoon.

Friday, Apr. 26 2013, 04:55 PM

This week's Ketchup includes lots of superhero news (both for The Avengers 2 and Justice League), sequels for Dodgeball and movies that aren't even out yet, and remakes of The Crow and Guys and Dolls.

Friday, Apr. 19 2013, 05:20 PM

This week's Ketchup includes movie development news for a few sequels (for the Star Wars franchise, The Croods, and Pitch Perfect, a remake of Weird Science, and new movies for Jack Black, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Will Ferrell, and Will Smith.

Friday, Apr. 12 2013, 04:20 PM

This week's Ketchup includes recaps of news stories in the movie development world that include new roles for Jim Carrey, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, and Robert Redford, as well as new movies with ties to The Shining, Bonnie and Clyde, and Point Break.

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