**(((( Winnie the Pooh & Friends))))**

pooh, tigger, eeyore, piglet, roo, kanga

Question 1

What does Winnie the Pooh love eating ?

Question 2

who is this character off of Winnie the pooh?

Question 3

Who is Pooh bears best friend besides Robin????

Question 4

what animal is Heffalump in the new winnie the pooh movie?

Question 5

what is the name of the little kangaroo in winnie the pooh?

Question 6

In winnie the pooh who is the quiet and scared little character

Question 7

Tigger is best known for...

Question 8

Name that character

Question 9

which winnie the pooh character says "tut,tut looks like rain" while holding an umbrella under the honey tree?

Question 10

In the cartoon Winnie the Pooh what animal was roo

Question 11

Who sang im just a little black rain cloud in the many adventures of winnie the pooh

Question 12

Who was the original voice of Winnie the Pooh?

Question 13

In 'The Tigger movie' who does tigger teach the whoopdy looper bounce to?

Question 14

What movie is this movie poster for?

Question 15

Who in this picture house always falls down..?

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