adam sandler movies

can u name the movies

Question 1

which actor plays in all off his friend's movies (Adam Sandler's movies) and asks Adam Sandler to plays in all of his movies too?

Question 2

what is the 2007 movie with Adam Sandler You Chose: d. Click (Incorrect - 0 pts) Correct Answer: a. Night at the museum (1%) b. Zoolander (0%) c. The weding singer (0%) d. Click (7%) e. Little Nickie (1%) First of all, none of these movies are from 2007, and more importantly, Adam Sandler wasn't in Night at the Museum. Here's another one: Which 2007 movie was Adam Sandler in?

Question 3

Rob Schneider is well known for appearig in Adam Sandler movies as 'The Townie' or the "You can do it!" guy, but in which Rob Schneider movie did Adam Sandler return the favour?

Question 4

What movies was Adam Sandler in?

Question 5

Rob Schneider appears in many of the movies that Adam Sandler star's in even though they are mostly in cameo appearances. Did Adam Sandler appear in the 2002 Rob Schneider movie The Hot Chick?

Question 6

How many movies has adam sandler played in

Question 7

what movies did Adam sandler star in?

Question 8

What 3 movies has Adam Sandler acted in?

Question 9

what movies did adam sandler star in?

Question 10

wat movie 2 movies is adam sandler in?

Question 11

How many movies has Adam Sandler been in?

Question 12

what movie stars " adam sandler ,david hasslehoff ,kate beckinsale & christopher walken" ,where adam sandler has a magical remote

Question 13

Who directed 3 movies starring Adam Sandler?

Question 14

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have starred in 2 movies together, what were they called?

Question 15

Which of these movies did adam sandler film in first?

Question 16

Which Of These Movies Does Not Have Adam Sandler?

Question 17

True of False Adam Sandler produces all of his movies?

Question 18

In which movies did Adam Sandler played as a couple with Drew Barrymore?

Question 19

In what movie or movies Is Adam Sandler in with Drew Barrymore

Question 20

which of the following movies has adam sandler not stared in?

Question 21

Which of these movies did Adam Sandler not start in?

Question 22

Adam Sandler did not play golf with Bob Barker in any of his movies

Question 23

How many movies have Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler been in together?

Question 24

In which 2 movies does Adam Sandler say something about being not pretty [enough]?

Question 25

what do all the adam sandler movies have in common?

Question 26

How many movies have Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore starred in together?

Question 27

Allen Covert has appeared in how many Adam Sandler movies?

Question 28

What actor/actress has appeared in over eight movies with Adam Sandler, which include 50 first Dates and The Longest Yard?

Question 29

Which sport did Adam Sandler NOT play/want to play in any of his movies?

Question 30

Adam Sandler plays in two football movies. What positions and what numbers does he play and wear respectively?

Question 31

Add together the missing numbers from these Adam Sandler movies. __ First Dates _ Crazy Nights

Question 32

who plays Michael in Click

Question 33

Which of these actors were not in the movie in the movie "Around The World In 80 Days"

Question 34

What actor and actress star together in both 50 first dates and the weeding singer?

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