Adam Sandler Trivia

See how well you know him :)

Question 1

in which of these movies is adam sandler a criminal.

Question 2

Which movie has this dialogue between Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald?

Question 3

What was the first movie Adam Sandler stared in?

Question 4

In "Mr. Deeds", Adam Sandler had a numb:

Question 5

In what movie did Adam Sandler play the Devil's son?

Question 6

Which 2 male actors ALWAYS appear in movies together?

Question 7

What year was Adam Sandler born?

Question 8

How many movies have Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore starred in together?

Question 9

Adam Sandler plays golf with which celebrity in Happy Gilmore?

Question 10

Who hasn't made a cameo in an Adam Sandler flick?

Question 11

What was the opening song of the Wedding Singer sung by Adam Sandler?

Question 12

In what movie did Adam Sandler chase the invisible penguin?

Question 13

In witch movie did adam sandler go to a prison in texas?

Question 14

Identify the Adam Sandler film with the actor(s) removed:

Question 15

who are the three actors mixed in this photo?

Question 16

How many Adam Sandler films has Allen Covert appeared in??

Question 17

In "The Longest Yard" Adam Sandler smashes up her Bentley

Question 18

True of False Adam Sandler produces all of his movies?

Question 19

In 50 first Dates, Adam Sandler takes care of a walrus, it names is...

Question 20

What Adam Sandler movie is this scene from?

Question 21

In an Adam Sandler classic, what apparently tasted better than water?

Question 22

In what movie did Adam Sandler adopt a kid?

Question 23

Can you name this movie starring Adam Sandler

Question 24

which movie i adam sandler not in?

Question 25

What movie do both Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller star in?

Question 26

Adam Sandler appeared in an episode of The Cosby Show.

Question 27

What movie did Adam Sandler have a role in?

Question 28

adam sandler was actually a pro foot ball player?

Question 29

Which Adam Sandler film is this image from?

Question 30

Where did adam sandler grow up?

Question 31

In the movie Click, what store does Adam Sandler buy his universal remote?

Question 32

Has Adam Sandler ever acted in a movie with Dan Aykroyd?

Question 33

Adam Sandler made his onscreen debut in which of the following?

Question 34

how many movies did Adam Sandler star in ?

Question 35

How manY brothEr(s) havE Adam SanDler in "Little NiCky" thE moviE?

Question 36

Why does Adam Sandler have a black foot in the movie Mr Deeds?

Question 37

What song did Adam Sandler "dave" have to sing in anger management?

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