An Appointment With The Wicker Man

Wicker Man quiz. This is hard anything around 80% is very good.

Question 1

Robin Hardy's cult classic got it's official UK release when?

Question 2

Complete the lyrics of this classic soundtrack song... Corn rigs and......

Question 3

Name the pub where singing and dancing on a Sunday takes place

Question 4

Who is Sgt Howie looking for

Question 5

Who is represented in this picture

Question 6

Who is the 1st to greet Sgt Howie on Summerisle

Question 7

What's the name of the land lords daughter

Question 8

Finish this phrase from the film.. 'Here lieth Beech Buchanan, protected by....?'

Question 9

Name this actress fearing a beheading?

Question 10

What can the girls possibley learn j j jumpimping over bon fires?

Question 11

Taken from the film. and in that bed there was a boy and in that bed there was a.....?

Question 12

What does the may pole represent?

Question 13

What are the children learning about in school when Sgt Howie visits?

Question 14

Who's rear is this

Question 15

What does Sgt Howie wake up next to

Question 16

The films new exec producers emi laughed it out of his office and refused to release it. It was finally released with around 30 mins cut. what is believed to have happened to the original film cans of this footage? (with exception to Christopher Lee's beliefs)

Question 17

Who does Sgt Howie steal his costume of Punch from?

Question 18

Punch's role in the rites and rituals of May Day are, Privelaged simpleton and....what?

Question 19

Only what?.... will do if the crops fail next year as an acceptable sacrifice according to Sgt Howie.

Question 20

While meeting with his most unfortunate situation, what does Howie decide is worth singing?

Question 21

Christopher Lee to this day regards the Wicker man as his greatest ever role despite being paid very little for the role. True or false?

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