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Question 1

"Shadowlands" was a 1993 film directed by Attenborough, originally a play, starring Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger (for which she was Oscar-nominated). What author does Hopkins play?

Question 2

Fracture (2007) starring Anthony Hopkins, where does Hopkins character hide the murder weapon?

Question 3

Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt star together in "Meet Joe Black". Name the 1994 movie they starred in together as father and son.

Question 4

What role does Anthony Hopkins play in "Meet Joe Black" ?

Question 5

Where was Anthony Hopkins born ?

Question 6

In the movie "Legends of the Fall"..what medical problem does the father ( Anthony Hopkins ) have ?

Question 7

Which award did Anthony Hopkins receive from The Queen ?

Question 8

What film is this scene from?

Question 9

In the movie "Magic" (1978) Anthony Hopkins plays a ventriloquist. What is the name of his dummy ?

Question 10

Who starred with Anthony Hopkins in 'The Bounty' ?

Question 11

Name this film starring Anthony Hopkins and Harry Beafonte:

Question 12

In the movie The Human Stain, Anthony Hopkins' character is hiding what secret?

Question 13

In what movie does Anthony Hopkins play a brilliant surgeon named Frederick Treves?

Question 14

Identify this 2002 Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock film:

Question 15

In the Zorro movies, what was Anthony Hopkins character's real name?

Question 16

This is from which 97' Anthony Hopkins film?

Question 17

This is from which 2007' Anthony Hopkins/Ryan Gosling film?

Question 18

This is from which 2005' Anthony Hopkins film?

Question 19

This is from which 95' Anthony Hopkins film?

Question 20

Anthony Hopkins plyed Diego Dela Vega in "The Mask of Zorro" but disguised himself as _______ and posed as Alejandro's servant.

Question 21

in which film does anthony hopkins play a grieving father who suspects his daughter has been re-born?

Question 22

What 1968 Film won Katherine Hepburn an Oscar for Best Female performance, and also featured; Peter O'Toole a Golden Globe, and featured Anthony Hopkins, and a very young Timothy Dalton?

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