quiz on the robots that made the movie worth seeing

Question 1

Which line does Optimus Prime say in the 2007 Transformers live-action film that is originally from the 1986 animated Transformers movie?

Question 2

Which Decepticons hack into the United States defense network?

Question 3

This Decepticon was mislabeled in the film due to an editing mistake. What is he called on his toy packaging by Hasbro?

Question 4

What is the parody of the Los Angeles Police Department slogan (to protect and serve) that is written on the side of Decepticon Barricade?

Question 5

Which Autobot is first lieutanant to Optimus Prime?

Question 6

Which two Autobots actually end up killing a Decepticon each?

Question 7

Ratchet states that 'Autobots' is a shorter version of what description that is given by Optimus Prime?

Question 8

When the Allspark turns human technology into Transformers they are agressive and evil. Why?

Question 9

The soldiers at Qatar identify Blackout as what?

Question 10

Which Transformer never transforms?

Question 11

In the Transformers movie (2007), Which three Decepticons are presumed to escape death at the end?

Question 12

Who does the voice for Megatron in Transformers (2007)?

Question 13

What fighter jet does Starscream disguise himself as in Transformers (2007)?

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