Axe Men

A lil quiz on some of the men that played both types of axes... test your knowledge

Question 1

This guitar god Steve Vai replaced another guitar god Yngwie Malmsteen in what band?

Question 2

Legendary BB king calls his guitar a certain name, what is it?

Question 3

This axe wielder stormed in with some big hits during the eighties, whats his name?

Question 4

Yngwie Malmsteen influenced many guitarist with his Neo-classical style who does Yngwie state as his main classical influence?

Question 5

Steve Harris of Iron Maiden favored a particular bass over the years, what is it called?

Question 6

This Jazz axe wielder plays his axe like a piano, what is his name?

Question 7

Mr Scary George Lynch of Dokken auditioned twice for Ozzy Osbourne for the lead guitar role.....

Question 8

The great Joe Satriani taught many great players which one of these was not a student of his?

Question 9

Big man on the bass Billy Sheehan states which two are influences of his?

Question 10

The player seen here is considered one of the top ten shredders of all time who is he?

Question 11

Jason Becker one of the best guitarist ever, sadly cannot play his axe due to a crippling disease, what is it?

Question 12

Who is this axe wielder?

Question 13

Who is this?

Question 14

Eddie Van Halen, what was the name of the band before it came Van Halen?

Question 15

Who is this famous axe wielder?

Question 16

The Late great Dimebag and his band Pantera, did they ever have a glam metal image?

Question 17

Who is this legendary axe player?

Question 18

The ex Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman seen here, played with Jason Becker in Cacophony?

Question 19

Nuno Bettencourt played a unique style while in Extreme that was referred to as?

Question 20

Steady axeman Vivian Campbell played in which of the following combination of bands?

Question 21

Is this James Lormenzo formerly of White Lion?

Question 22

This famous axe man and his band wrote many great hits?

Question 23

Top Trash axe man and his band gave us the Legacy album, who is he?

Question 24

And Finally Zakk Wylde has a band of his own besides playing for Ozzy, what is the name of the band?

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