Back to the Future: Wild, Wild West

The exciting conclusion to the Back to the Future trilogy! Can you think 4th dimensionally?

Question 1

What tv show wakes up Doc?

Question 2

What book is Doc reminded of when they are searching for the DeLorean's hiding place?

Question 3

What popular phrase does Marty utter before he goes to the past?

Question 4

How is the DeLorean damaged?

Question 5

What name does Marty give himself other than McFly?

Question 6

Over how much money will Tannen shoot Doc?

Question 7

What is the name of the ravine Doc and Marty go to?

Question 8

According to Doc's model railroad, what is the "point of no return"?

Question 9

What is the time on the clock when Doc and Marty get their photo taken?

Question 10

Where does Marty learn to shoot a gun?

Question 11

For when does "Mad Dog" Tannen challenge Marty to a duel?

Question 12

What popular 80's group is cast as the band for the Hill Valley Festival?

Question 13

How many drinks does Doc have in the saloon?

Question 14

What saves Marty from being shot?

Question 15

For what crime is Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen arrested?

Question 16

What is the ultimate fate of the Delorean time machine?

Question 17

What does Doc's new time machine run on?

Question 18

What are the names of Doc and Clara's children?

Question 19

What "souvenier" does Doc hand Marty?

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