Blast From The Past

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Question 1

"What do you say Eve, can he skate around your block?"...Name this movie...

Question 2

In the Movie "Blast From the Past", where does Eve (Alicia Silverstone) think Adam (Brendan Fraser) is from?

Question 3

Who played Eve in Blast From The Past?

Question 4

In Blast From the Past, where does Adam want a wife from?

Question 5

In Blast From The Past, what was Eve's last name?

Question 6

This actor has appeared in BLAST FROM THE PAST, SLITHER, and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (tv series).

Question 7

In Blast From the Past, how many years were they down in the bomb shelter for?

Question 8

I was a jew in School Ties, I was an airhead and I was blast from the past... Who I am???

Question 9

Name these two characters played by Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone in 'Blast from the Past'?

Question 10

In the movie Blast From the Past who said, "I have to go to the bathroom!"

Question 11

Who is the actor on the left, he was in Saving Private Ryan,Slither and Blast from the Past?

Question 12

In Blast From The Past, what does Calvin give as the reason why Adam should stay out of the adult book store?

Question 13

In "Blast from the Past" Adam meets Eve and falls in love with her, who plays Eve's brother?

Question 14

In 'Blast From the Past', which sport did Adam have trouble understanding,which his father kept trying to explain to him?

Question 15

In 'Blast From The Past', Which of the following does Adam NOT marvel at when he first leaves the fallout shelter?

Question 16

Name this actor who was in such movies as,1994 Pulp Fiction, 1995 The Prophecy,1999 Blast From the Past,2003 Kangaroo Jack,2004 Man On Fire

Question 17

This great gooey film 'Blast From The Past' starred Brendan Fraser as Adam, the boy who lived in a bomb shelter for 35 years, and Alicia Sliverstone as Eve, the love interest..but can you name the song which Adam sung to Eve while they were falling in love?

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