Bollywood Villains from the good old days ;-)

A quizz on movie names and character names of villains from Bollywood - 1960s to 1990s.

Question 1

Lets start first with the best of the best in villaindom. In which movie did Amzad Khan play his first role as 'Gabbar Singh'?

Question 2

In which movie did Amzad Khan play yet another daku role of 'Mangal Singh' (though this time a bit more stylish) ?

Question 3

Have to start with some easy ones, don?t I? Hehehe, no introduction necessary, but I have to say it??Mogambo...Kush hua?

Question 4

Anupum Kher?s best ever villainous performance as 'Dr. Dang' was from which movie?

Question 5

Best ever female performance of a villain had to be that of Simmi Garewal as 'Maharani Kamini Varma' in which movie?

Question 6

A Nepali addition to Bolly villains was Danny Dezonpa with many a memorable role over the years.What was Danny's name in Agneepath?

Question 7

Kulbhushan Kharbanda?s mind boggling performance as 'Shaakal' was in which of these movies?

Question 8

The villain 'Khokha Singh' was played by Mohan Agashe in which movie?

Question 9

Now lets get to some golden oldies. Om Prakash in this clip plays 'Seth Dharamdas' in which of these movies?

Question 10

Pran played many villain roles for many decades, majority of which in the earlier days had him donning a red wig. Which movie is this red headed villain from?

Question 11

While on golden oldies, who could forget the brilliant voice of Ajit? What character did Ajit play in Ram Balram as the one legged uncle of Amithab and Dharmendra?

Question 12

And who could forget the inimitable performance of Prem Nath as 'Sir Juda' in this film:

Question 13

Another inimitable performer in villainous roles was Jeevan. In which movie did he play 'Robert'?

Question 14

What?s the use of having a villain quiz without some of Prem Chopra? In which movie does he actually sing an entire song with Amitabh Bachchan?

Question 15

This has got to be one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen Prem do as a villain. In which movie is this from?

Question 16

Another forgotten villain of yesteryear is Raza Murad.I absolutely hated his role in Prem Rog So have chosen it for this quiz. What was the raping son of a $#@@$%?s name in Prem Rog?

Question 17

Madan Puri was also very talented as a yesteryear villain. What movie is this scene from?

Question 18

Madan Puri was talented, but his talent was surpassed by his brother Amrish Puri?s. I wish I could have found pics for every wide eyed villain role he?s made hahaha. In Qurbani permed Amrish plays who?

Question 19

Another elder sibling not to be forgotten was Amzad Khan?s elder brother Kader Khan who also played many a villainous role that were either pure evil or comedic evil genius. What was the name of this character from the movie Parvarish?

Question 20

As you can tell, Kader Khan also managed to get top pick of wacky names. What was his name in this movie scene?

Question 21

Probably one of Kader?s most famous super villain roles... What was his name in Coolie?

Question 22

Someone who often played an onscreen villainous son of Kader Khan, Jeevan and an assortment of other baddies was Ranjeet. In which movie does he play Jeevan?s onscreen son 'Rishi'?

Question 23

Another famous villain to rise in the ranks of villaindom was Shakti Kapoor. Which movie is this scene from?

Question 24

Around the same time as Shakti rose another villainous actor, Gulshan Grover. Gulu is probably best noted for his role as 'Kesariya Vilayata' urf 'Badman' in which of these movies?

Question 25

One of the few who followed their father?s line of work into villaindom was Jeevan?s son, Kiran Kumar. What was his name in Tezaab?

Question 26

The 1980s saw the birth of another villain star, Paresh Rawal, who does comedy these days. Which of these matchings are incorrect?

Question 27

Another villain turned comedian of Paresh?s era was Sadashiv Amrapurkar. What was his name in Ishq?

Question 28

As there are so few ladies I left some of them for the end :-P In which movie does Rohini Hattangadi play 'Amba'?

Question 29

Aruna Irani more famous for her dancing often played villainous women roles in her youth and old age. From which movie is this scene in which Aruna Irani plays 'Laxmi Devi' ?

Question 30

I couldn?t resist?.just had to give you one more of Amrish. What was the name of this devil worshipping villain?

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