Cars from the TV/Movies Using Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning and other Diecast Toy Vehicles

Questions asked about which film or TV show a particular famous car is from.

Question 1

This is pretty much Johnny Lightning's most popular (thereby most expensive to buy these days) 1/64 sized vehicle blister pack. the diorama was titled Attack of Mr ........? For those who aren't diecast collectors who is the giant thing waering the sailor's outfit (but without pants) in the background?

Question 2

In Cannonball Run II, this Lamborghini Countach was being driven by, as the police in pursuit called them a couple of great looking chicks. Out of site of the partol cars it was hosed with water by construction workers and was really which colour underneath?

Question 3

Which Indiana Jones film was this scene from?

Question 4

Which movie is this van from?

Question 5

Which character's car was this in the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Question 6

What is the name of this little orange guy?

Question 7

Matchbox brought out a couple of great Character cars in the early 90s. Who is on top of this car?

Question 8

Who drove this Ute in the Dukes of Hazzard TV show?

Question 9

Which one of the following movies (or movie series) did not have either a scene involving a car and a train where the car either was, or was in very real danger of being smashed to pieces by a train

Question 10

We all know the time machine was a Delorian, but in Back to the Future Doc swindled some plutonium from some Libyan terrorists. What type of vehicle did they drive?

Question 11

Who drove this vehicle in the original Star Wars Trilogy (obviously I wouldn't degrade this quiz by including anything from the terrible prequel movies).

Question 12

Who is on top of this Matchbox character car?

Question 13

How were vehicles in the Flintstones powered such as Barney Rubble's Sportscar

Question 14

In what can only be portrayed as one of the supidest decisions of all time, the Ford Motor Company sold there "worthless" Lincoln Futura concept car design to George Barris who pretty much only had to paint bat symbols on the hubcaps and doors to sell "his design" to the TV studios. How much did Ford sell (give away) the Lincoln Futura concept car and all future royalties for?

Question 15

Who drove this car?

Question 16

Who is on top of this van?

Question 17

Which Japanamation TV show is the Mach 5 from?

Question 18

Who drives this vehicle?

Question 19

What do the letters in the acronym that this popular show was known as actually stand for? M*A*S*H

Question 20

This car was found in a Capitol City Junkyard and would later get a new engine and a more famous paint job in Cooter's workshop as he only had enough of that particular colour. I like to give a bonus answer for those who aren't skimming the quiz, the answer is in the image if you look. What is this car?

Question 21

We've all been there. Your about to watch that movie you never got around to seeing on the TV or you've got that DVD that's due back tomorrow. You sit down to watch it and the power goes out. After an hour or so sitting in candlelight you know power could be out for a while. What is a popular boardgame portrayed by this police car that has been whipped out for generations to pass the time?

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