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Question 1

Tom Hanks gets trapped on an island in what movie?

Question 2

which movies has tom hanks not gotten the girl?

Question 3

What Courier service does Tom Hanks' character work for in Castaway?

Question 4

what did tom hanks name his ball in the film in "castaway"??

Question 5

In Madagascar, which 3 films do they briefly spoof?

Question 6

how many years did tom in Castaway lived in the island alone?

Question 7

who directed "Castaway"?

Question 8

In the Tom Hanks movie Castaway, who was his companion while deserted on the island?

Question 9

Whose symbol is on the package that Tom Hanks keeps and eventually delivers in Castaway?

Question 10

What was the first thing that Tom Hanks' character said to Wilson in Castaway?

Question 11

He voiced Woody in Toy Story and was a Castaway with a friend called Wilson.

Question 12

In Castaway...what time does Chuch (Tom Hanks) say his watch will always be set to?

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