Charlotte' s Web Quiz

everything about this play and movie!

Question 1

What is the frist word that appers in the web

Question 2

In the play at the lake city playhouse who played the old sheep

Question 3

the rat saved wilbur life

Question 4

what is the ganders name in the movie

Question 5

What are the names of the two cows in Charlottes Web?

Question 6

in which movie did a spider help a pig from being turned in to the xmas dinner?

Question 7

Who got starred in Charlottes Web?

Question 8

what was the rats name in charlottes web

Question 9

what movie are theese animals from?

Question 10

What is the name of the pig from Charlottes Web?

Question 11

Which actress voiced Charlotte in 'Charlottes Web'?

Question 12

True or false: Does Charlotte die in"Charlottes web"?

Question 13

Where was Charlottes Web filmed?

Question 14

In which film did a spider sve a pig

Question 15

Who directed Charlottes Web?

Question 16

What was the name of Fern's pig in The Charlottes Web

Question 17

In what movie did a spider die at the fairground and a pig was her friend?

Question 18

What happened to Wilbor in the movie Charlottes web?

Question 19

Who played the female goose in 'Charlottes Web'.

Question 20

In the movie Charlottes Web who plays Chalotte.

Question 21

What movie is it that Dakota Fanning plays Fern in???

Question 22

How many baby spiders stayed at the farm in the movie Charlottes web?

Question 23

In the movie Charlottes Web, which animal in the barn is afraid of charlotte

Question 24

What anima does this actor play the vice of in Charlottes Web?(these are all cast from the film)

Question 25

In Charlotte's Web (2006), which adjective is NOT seen in her web?

Question 26

In the movie Charlotte's Web what was the last word Charlott'e spun in her web before she died?

Question 27

hatwere the names of the 3 spiders that stayed on the farm with Wilbur (by the way wilbur is speeled with an ur not er)

Question 28

in the play at the lake city playhouse what was the last line and who said it

Question 29

the play at the lake playhouse was better than the movie

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