child stars of the 1960s

The TV shows that made them household names of the 60s!!!!!

Question 1

What TV series was this actress in from 1965-1968?

Question 2

He started his long career in this popular TV show which aired from 1960-1968.

Question 3

This Young Actress was cast in this show in 1969.

Question 4

This young actor was cast in this television show from 1964-1966.

Question 5

These 2 young boys appeared in which TV show from 1964-1967?

Question 6

he starred in a TV Sit Com which began airing in 1969. What was the name of the show?

Question 7

She was a 6 yr old Twin on this popular 1966-1971 TV show.

Question 8

She got her first major TV roll in 1968 on which TV show?

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