Coming To America for EXPERTS ONLY!!!

This is about those beautiful little details in Coming To America.

Question 1

How many characters does Eddie Murphy play in Coming To America?

Question 2

In the hotel that Akeem and Semi rent a room in, what type of problem does the bathroom have?

Question 3

How long had Akeem been growing his princess lock before he cut it?

Question 4

What title are the contestants in the pageant competing for?

Question 5

Who did Randy Watson play in the "What's Going Down" episode of "That's My Mama".

Question 6

Who plays the guy who tries to rob MacDowell's?

Question 7

What does Daryl say must be a new experience for Akeem?

Question 8

Who does Akeem tell Lisa and Daryl that the man in this picture is.

Question 9

How many years of hard work does Cleo tell Akeem it will take for him to have a house like his?

Question 10

What is the rest of this quote? "Now I don't give a damn who you are. This is America Jack. If you say one more word about Lisa...

Question 11

How much did the earings that Akeem bought for Lisa cost?

Question 12

What other movie were Randolph and Mortimer Duke in?

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