Dirty Dancing

Do you know all the little things about this movie??

Question 1

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey play Johnny and Baby.

Question 2

In the summer of what year does this movie take place?

Question 3

When they first pull up to Kellerman's, what does the announcer say is on the south lawn in 15 minutes?

Question 4

When the family goes to dinner for the first time, what does Baby's dad tell Robbie to do with Baby's leftovers?

Question 5

What does Baby get for helping in the magic show?

Question 6

Who is the first person Baby dirty dances with?

Question 7

What does Max Kellerman call Vivian?

Question 8

Where does Robbie say Lisa might hear an apology?

Question 9

What does Penny say to Baby when Baby tells her to ask Robbie for money?

Question 10

Why does Robbie say Baby needs to return the book he gives her?

Question 11

Who thinks it is a horrible idea for Baby to take Penny's spot for the preformance at the Shelldrake?

Question 12

When Baby is practicing the dance across the bridge what does she do when she messes up?

Question 13

While they are practicing their dance and Penny is helping, what song is playing when Baby and Johnny give each other "the look" and you know they like each other?

Question 14

When the song Overload is playing and Johnny and Baby are going to practice the dance somewhere else what does Johnny do to get in his car?

Question 15

Where do Johnny and Baby NOT practice the lift?

Question 16

When Johnny and Baby get back from the Shelldrake and she sees Penny is in trouble, what does she do?

Question 17

Who says Baby's family is going to leave early?

Question 18

Where does Baby tell her family she is going when it is raining?

Question 19

Who does Lisa tell Baby she is going to go all the way with?

Question 20

What song do Baby and Johnny sing with each other when she is getting "dance lessons"?

Question 21

Who does Johnny get in a fight with when Baby goes to Penny's room to look for him?

Question 22

Who wants "extra dance lessons" from Johnny while her husband plays cards?

Question 23

When Lisa goes to Robbie's room, who is he with?

Question 24

Who said they saw Johnny steal Moe Presley's Wallet?

Question 25

What happens to Johnny when Max finds out the he didn't steal Moe's wallet??

Question 26

What song is playing when Johnny and Baby are saying goodbye?

Question 27

What does Johnny say to Baby's dad when he comes to the final show to dance with Baby?

Question 28

What did Johnny and Baby do in the last dance that they didnt do before that?

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