Epic War Films Trivia and Such

Films that center around war, duels, battles, Pro or Against. It is my first quiz so lets hope it doesnt suck.

Question 1

In Gladiator What was Russel Crowe's Characters Name?

Question 2

what movie's name is " The _______ Day" This movie was made in 1962, and starred a wide range of then well known actors of that time, including John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum, and richard burton, and was D-day.

Question 3

Which Epic war movie has, Sean Connery as a Paratrooper, Micheal Caine as a tank commander, Gene Hackman as a polish general, and James Caan as a crazy Sgt,to name a few all trying to fight off Germans in The Netherlands in world war 2?

Question 4

In Black Hawk Down, Eric Bana's character "Hoot" is part of what elite american special force?

Question 5

Who Played the General.Patton, in the movie Patton?

Question 6

Who Directed 300?

Question 7

In the Film "Troy" there is a duel between Eric Bana, and Brad Pitt who are the characters they play?

Question 8

In the Film "Battle of the Bulge" and yes its a war film..., Who played the German Col.Hessler who drives his tank up the hill at the end whilst singing a tune.

Question 9

In Saving Private Ryan, what was the main cast's Unit?

Question 10

In, The Deer Hunter. Which actor's character got addicted to Russian Roulette.

Question 11

The Memphis Belle, that the movie "Memphis Belle" is based around is a ____ type of plane?

Question 12

In the film, Full Metal Jacket. What comes from texas? No Offense meant by this question.

Question 13

At the end of Schindlers List,when the family of the people he saved are putting flowers on his grave, who puts the last flower on the Real Schindlers Grave?

Question 14

Who Directed Brave Heart?

Question 15

The film battle of Britain, had the British using mostly __________ type aircraft.

Question 16

In "We Were Soldiers" approximatly how much men did Mel Gibson's character command against the 2,000 viet cong?

Question 17

Spartacus was a _____ before he became a General of an army.

Question 18

In "Kingdom Of Heaven" Balian (Orlando Bloom) inherits his father's Castle and Land's of______?

Question 19

A Relatively unknown film called, The Last Valley starred who as the main character. The Captain

Question 20

Easy one to end this quiz, whats the most epic war TV serie's out there about WW2

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