Erik The Viking

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Question 1

Who played Leif's pregnant girlfriend?

Question 2

Writer/Director Terry Jones had intended the film Erik the Viking to be a full Monty Python film, the first since The Meaning of Life. However, the passing of Graham Chapman caused the others to quit. Yet at the last minute, Jones convinced one of the other Pythons to appear in the movie as a favor when Jack Lemmon had to bow out. Which fellow Monty Python alumnai did he convince?

Question 3

In the 80s film Erik The Viking, which monty python member plays the villain Halfdan the Black?

Question 4

"Erik the Viking (1989)" was originally intended to be the 4th Monty Python film, but after the death of Graham Chapman, the Monty Python team quit...

Question 5

In the 80s film Erik The Viking,they go in search of what kind of musical instrument, to take them to Asgard?

Question 6

Terry Jones had his daughter cast in the movie?

Question 7

In the 80s comedy film 'Erik the Viking', which monty python cast member played the King of Hy-Brazil?

Question 8

In the 80s film Erik the Viking, which James Bond actress plays the Helga, the woman at the start of the film?

Question 9

Who said, "Ooh! Scary! Scary! Don't we look mean? You can't see me! But I can see you!"

Question 10

Tim Robbins is married to which cast member?

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