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Question 1

In what movie is Julia Roberts's and Richard Gere's characters called Vivian and Edward?

Question 2

Name the actress who starred in the oscar winning film pretty woman?

Question 3

In "Pretty Woman," where did Julia Roberts shop for a new wardrobe?

Question 4

In the movie Pretty Woman, what is the name of Vivian's roommate and best friend?

Question 5

In what movie does Richard Gere pay a hooker to spend a week with him?

Question 6

Which actors played in both Pretty Woman and The Runaway Bride?

Question 7

Who sang Oh Pretty Woman from the Pretty Woman soundtrack?

Question 8

*** Where Do Richard Gere And Julia Roberts First Have Sex in Pretty Woman***

Question 9

What movie features the lead actress watching an old "I Love Lucy" re-run?

Question 10

Name this movie

Question 11

"Well color me happy, there's a sofa in here for two." is a quote from what movie?

Question 12

in what movie doed julia roberts say 'slippery little suckers' when her sea food goes flying across the room?

Question 13

Roy Orbison's greatest hit has the same name as this film. He could''ve been talking about Julia Roberts.

Question 14

In Pretty Woman, how many times is the song of the same name heard?

Question 15

What was the name of Julia Roberts charater in Pretty Woman?

Question 16

What is the name of the leading man in Pretty Woman?

Question 17

which romantic flick kick started julia roberts career ?

Question 18

Which Julia Roberts film has the tagline: She walked off the street, into his life and stole his heart.

Question 19

Julia Roberts earned an Oscar nomination for her performance as Vivian Ward in which film of 1990?

Question 20

What film is this quote from? "what happens after he rescues her?" "she rescues him right back!"

Question 21

which seinfeld cast member had a part in pretty woman?

Question 22

***In What 1990 Movie Did Richard Gere Drive A Lotus Esprit***

Question 23

In the movie Pretty Woman, what color wig does Vivian wear?

Question 24

In what movie did Julia Roberts not kiss on the lips?

Question 25

What is Julia Roberts's roomate's name in the movie "Pretty Woman"?

Question 26

In Pretty Woman, how long are Viviennes legs ?

Question 27

what color hair did julia roberts have under her wig in pretty woman?

Question 28

in the film pretty woman, how much did julia roberts charge per hour?

Question 29

Molly Ringwald was originally considered for the Julia Roberts role in Pretty Woman.

Question 30

In the movie Pretty Woman, what is Edward's phobia?

Question 31

In the movie Pretty Woman, how much money do Edward and Vivian agree upon for her to stay the whole week?

Question 32

In Pretty Woman, when Vivian asks Edward for the second time if he would like a drink, what was his response?

Question 33

How long did Richard Gere want Julia Roberts to stay with him for in the film Pretty Woman

Question 34

In "Pretty woman", Julia Roberts shows Richard Gere a lot of condoms. Which one is her favorite?

Question 35

In the movie Pretty Woman, Edward takes Vivian somewhere on an airplane one night. Where do they go?

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