From The Movie "FRIDAY"

20 Question Quiz about FRIDAY

Question 1

What was Ice Cube's full name in this movie?

Question 2

Chris Tucker's character name in this movie is known as:

Question 3

In the beginning of the movie, what kind of cereal was Ice Cube trying to eat?

Question 4

Ice Cube's mom was trying to cook breakfast for her self. Some eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and some left over:

Question 5

Name this character that Chris Tucker is selling weed for:

Question 6

Name the neighborhood BULLY that everyone scared of:

Question 7

What was the character name of the girl that both Ice Cube and Chris Tucker saw jogging down the street?

Question 8

What was the name of the liquor store that Ice Cube and Chris Tucker went to?

Question 9

What did Craig and Smokey say when they saw Red's black eye?

Question 10

What was the name of the crack head that asked Chris Tucker to washed his car?

Question 11

When Ezel pretended to slip in the store, how much did he say he was suing the store? And how much did he say he would to settle out of court?

Question 12

How much did Ezel say he would clean up Smokey's crap for?

Question 13

Who is Felicia?

Question 14

What was Felicia trying to borrow from Smokey?

Question 15

What did Mr. Jones do for a living?

Question 16

Who was Craig's next door neighbor?

Question 17

How much money did Smokey and Debo stole from Stanley?

Question 18

Who said the famous line "You Got Knocked The F#ck Out!"

Question 19

Name two things that Red took back from D-Bo at the end of the movie:

Question 20

What did Ezel take from Debo after Craig knocked him out?

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