Game of Thrones

This quiz is based on season one of the HBO series and not on the books. Spoiler alert as always & good luck!

Question 1

What is the name of Arya's sword?

Question 2

In which of his other movies does Sean Bean NOT wield a sword or wear armor?

Question 3

What secret did Maester Aemon reveal to Jon Snow?

Question 4

Which GOT character never appears in season 1?

Question 5

What does Gendry the armorer's apprentice have in common with Jon Snow?

Question 6

Name this armor.

Question 7

In which movie does Lena Headey play another queen?

Question 8

Name this knight.

Question 9

This actor also starred in which other HBO series?

Question 10

Who was NOT on the hunt with the king when he was mortally wounded?

Question 11

Name this house sigil.

Question 12

Sandor Clegane (aka The Hound) is a gentle pup compared to his sadist brother Gregor Clegane, also known as...

Question 13

Name this character, also known as the First Sword of Braavos.

Question 14

What does Theon Greyjoy have in common w/ Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish?

Question 15

Who does this Star Wars actor play in GOT?

Question 16

In order to cross the Twins, who did Catelyn Stark promise to marry off to Walder Frey's children?

Question 17

Stark bannerman Jon Umber lost 2 fingers to?

Question 18

What do the hill tribesmen of the Vale call Tyrion Lannister?

Question 19

Who is "The Stallion Who Will Mount the World?"

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