General Knowledge about Movies

A combination of very tough questions that even Einstein would be pulling his hair out over!!!!

Question 1

Which of these actors is not in the movie "The Outsiders" ?

Question 2

What is the running time of the film "The Fugitive" starring Harrison ford ?

Question 3

In the film "Overboard" Starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, What occupation does Goldie Hawn describe Kurt Russell as being?

Question 4

In the "Halloween" movies...Which of these is the correct answer to how many of them Jamie Lee Curtis is actually in ?

Question 5

What is the name of Michael J Fox's Basketball team in the movie "Teen Wolf" ?

Question 6

What Colour kit does Michael J Fox's team play in in The movie "Teen Wolf" ?

Question 7

In the Movie "My Bloody Valentine" What is the name of the character who is supposed to be on a killing spree ?

Question 8

In the Movie "Speed" Srarring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, At what speed is the bus NOT to go under ?

Question 9

Which song is the odd one out from the soundtrack of "Topgun"

Question 10

In the film "Beowolf" Ray Winstone is the main voiceover.....but who out of the list below is the odd one out of the other voice overs ?

Question 11

Which one of these actors is in the Movie "Platoon" ?

Question 12

In "Rainman" Starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman....What base of baseball does Does Dustin Hoffman's character keep repeating when he get's comfused of frustrated ?

Question 13

In "Star Wars Episode 4" Obi One Kenobi offers Han Solo 2,000 up front, but then how much money when he and Luke reach their destination ?

Question 14

How many Exorcist movies are there ?

Question 15

Which 1 of these actors does NOT star in the Movie "Backdraft" ?

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