Gone with The Wind Trivia

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Question 1

In the movie Gone with the Wind, what was Scarlett O'Hara's full name after her marriage to Rhett?

Question 2

How many children does Scarlett O'Hara have in the book that are omitted in the movie?

Question 3

What is Scarlet's First Husband's name in Gone with the Wind?

Question 4

In the movie "Gone with the Wind" at the picnic at Twelve Oaks there were red headed twin brothers named the Tarleton Twins. Which one was famous many years later on a TV program?

Question 5

Who is Scarlett O'Hara truley in love with in the movie Gone With The Wind?

Question 6

Which actor from "Gone with the wind" (1939) died while fighting in World war 2? (In parenthesis is the character that actor played)

Question 7

Where is Gerald O'Hara from ?(Scarlett's father in Gone with the Wind)

Question 8

***What is The Name of The Ancestral Home in Gone With The Wind***

Question 9

Olivia de Havilland won a best supporting actress Oscar for her portrayal of Melanie Hamilton Wilkes in Gone With The Wind.

Question 10

Which actor's character did NOT die in Gone With the Wind?

Question 11

Who said, "Miss Scarlett, Miss Scarlett, I don't know nothing 'bout birthing no babies!" ?

Question 12

In Gone With the Wind, who played Prissy?

Question 13

This violet-eyed future Oscar winning actress tried out for the role of Bonnie Butler (Scarlett and Rhett's daughter) in Gone with the Wind, but failed to get the role

Question 14

Who was Scarlett O'Hara's second husband?

Question 15

Scarlett OHara's second husband was a store owner who was the beau of which sister?

Question 16

Scarlett O'Hara's first husband was Charles Hamilton. Charles was already the beau of his cousin when Scarlett accepted his proposal. Who was she?

Question 17

Who is the only main character from Gone With the Wind that is still living?

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