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Question 1

Who original character from student grease appeared in grease 2?

Question 2

In Grease 2, which character from Grease 1 is Micheal Carrington related to?

Question 3

Here is the question.... in what movie jonh travolta and olivia newton-jonh play together You Chose: Grease (Correct - 10 pts) Correct Answer: Grease (1978) But this is an unfair question...because they were in TWO movies together.... What was the other one...

Question 4

Just got a question asking what John Travolta's character name is in Grease. Only problem is it was a search and select question and you can't search for characters so the answer was given as John Travolta! What really was John Travolta's character name in Grease?

Question 5

Who is the main female character in 'Grease' and the main character in 'Grease 2'?

Question 6

******* Which Actor Played Betty Rizzo in the Movie Grease *******

Question 7

In grease who spent the summer with danny

Question 8

What movie is this picture from?

Question 9

what was the name of the character dating frenchy in the movie grease?

Question 10

Where did Sandy and Danny first meet in the movie Grease?

Question 11

What movie is this scene from?

Question 12

This band, seen here performing at Woodstock, had a variety series on TV in the 70's. They also appeared in a well-known musical. Which one?

Question 13

What is Danny Zuko's gang called in Grease?

Question 14

In what movie did John Travolta have a flying car in?

Question 15

Name the Pink ladies in Grease

Question 16

in grease what did danny name the car that he fixed up?

Question 17

how old was this actress when she played sandy in grease

Question 18

Lets see... What did Danny "letter" in in the movie Grease???

Question 19

***In GREASE What is Rizzo's First Name***

Question 20

Who played the brashy Pink Lady, Rizzo, in the movie version of Grease?

Question 21

Name this 1978 movie

Question 22

***In GREASE Sid Caesar Played What Character**

Question 23

what was the school colors for the movie grease?

Question 24

In <i>Grease</i>, what does Sandy (Olivia-Newton John) do with the cigarette at the end?

Question 25

In the movie Grease, How many days did sandy say until christmas break?

Question 26

***n GREASE Who was the Teen Angel That Sang "Beauty School Drop-out***

Question 27

***In GREASE Name The T'Birds***

Question 28

in grease, when sandy was in the toilet why was she been sick?

Question 29

What was the name of the T-Birds rival gang in Grease?

Question 30

In the movie "Grease", what did Frenchie use to try to pierce Sandy's ear?

Question 31

In the film grease what was first song sang by every 1

Question 32

In the movie Grease, what is the name of Danny's best friend?

Question 33

According to Frenchie in "Grease", who is the only man a girl can trust?

Question 34

What was the name of this character from 'Grease' (1978)?

Question 35

In the movie grease what was the hot rod race called?

Question 36

In Grease what song are they singing in the picture?

Question 37

In "Grease" which star thought she was pregnant?

Question 38

In the film grease what quote are said by sandy when she switches at the end?

Question 39

What is the name of the news station filming the dance contest in the movie Grease?

Question 40

In "Grease", what was the mascot for Rydell High?

Question 41

What colar were Sandys shoes on Grease?

Question 42

In Grease, what color dress did sandie wear in the 1st day of school?

Question 43

In Grease "What did it say on the back of the girls jackets?"

Question 44

In grease, what was the phrase that caught the audiences attention the most, from danny?

Question 45

In the movie Grease, How did Frenchy get her nickname?

Question 46

In Grease, Which Country Does Sandy Come From?

Question 47

What carnival ride did the cast go on at the end of "Grease?"

Question 48

in grease rizzo's hickeys were real

Question 49

In the movie Grease the diner that they eat at is called??

Question 50

In the classic 1978 film 'Grease', what is the name of the much maligned nerd, picked on by the T-Birds?

Question 51

In Grease, What does Sandy attempt to do in cheerleading, But Fail badly?

Question 52

In the movie Grease what did marti yell when going though all the women in the bathroom?

Question 53

Why did Danny have to drive during the race on Thunder Road instead of Kenickie in Grease?

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