Half Baked

yea mannn

Question 1

How much weed does Thurgood Jenkins obtain in "Half Baked" on his pick-up for the scientist?

Question 2

" I wanna talk to Sampson" Whats the name of the rapper Dave plays in Half Baked?

Question 3

True or False Bob Saget was the guy who said he sucked dick for cocaine in Half Baked

Question 4

In the movie Half Baked, what was the bong that the three guys used after kenny got locked up?

Question 5

In the movie, "Half Baked" Harland Williams gets thrown in prison for what charge?

Question 6

What is the nickname of the African American inmate in "Half Baked" that wants Kenny for himself?

Question 7

In Half Baked, what actor/actress plays (for about 5 seconds)the "creative smoker" ?

Question 8

In the first scene of "Half Baked", what over-sized candy bar does a young Thurgood Jenkins pick out?

Question 9

Sir Smoke-a-Lot's hit song in "Half Baked" is called ___

Question 10

In the movie Half baked, why did dave chappelle and his friends sell weed?

Question 11

Where will you find Steven Wright in the movie "Half Baked"?

Question 12

What was the Police Horse's name in Half Baked that Kenny accindentally killed

Question 13

Which of the following is NOT a topic of conversation that Sir Smoke-a-Lot brings up with Thurgood Jenkins after picking up a pound of marijuana in "Half Baked"?

Question 14

Who is the Rapper who had a brief Cameo in the Movie Half Baked as basically a joint hogger.

Question 15

In a scene where Brian is working in a record store in "Half Baked", a woman tries to sell him an autographed record of what soft rock artist for $7?

Question 16

This actor has been in many movies including Dog Park, There's Something About Mary, The Whole Nine Yards, Half Baked, and Dumb & Dumber, but what is his name?

Question 17

In "Half Baked", when Brian claims that he can act like a Jamaican in front of Samson, Thurgood Jenkins states that Brian has smoked himself ___

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