Harry Potter and the sorcererīs stone

Harry Potter Quiz

Question 1

Richard Harris (Dumbledore) wasn't going to play Professor Dumbledore until his grand daughter called him up and said "If you don't play Dumbledore, I'll never speak to you again!" So he did

Question 2

What is the actor's name?

Question 3

in Harry Potter ands the Sorcerers Stone Harry, Ron, and Hermione play a giant version of a board game on their quest to find the Sorcerers Stone...what is the name of that board game?

Question 4

In the movie Harry potter and the sorcerers stone, how many heads does the dog guarding the stone have?

Question 5

In Harry Potter and The Sorcerers(Philosophers) Stone; what was the name of the plant protecting the stone?

Question 6

In the movie harry potter and the sorcerers stone who was the creator of the sorcers stone.

Question 7

In Harry Potter and the Philosophers/sorcerers stone who does Harry THINK is trying to steal the stone.

Question 8

Where does harry potter find the sorcerers stone?

Question 9

In "Harry Potter and Sorcerers Stone" who helped Voldemort?

Question 10

In Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone Ollivanders is the maker of find wands since?

Question 11

In the movie Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone, what musical instrument was played to get past 'Fluffy' by Harry, Ron and Hermione?

Question 12

In Harry Potter the sorcerers stone what was the name of harry's first broom?

Question 13

What character was never in harry potter and the sorcerers stone

Question 14

who always seems to blow up stuff in harry potter and the sorcerers stone?

Question 15

Who wrote the screen play for Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone?

Question 16

in harry potter the sorcerers stone,what could you see in the magic mirror?

Question 17

Who played the Defence against the Dark Arts Professor in Harry Potter and the Philosophers(Sorcerers) Stone?

Question 18

which one of the following spells were not used in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone?

Question 19

In Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone, What Street Adress Does It Say On His Letters From Hogwarts?

Question 20

In Harry Potter, the Sorcerers Stone, When it shows Harry's dads trophy, what year was on the trophy?

Question 21

Which Actor was in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Star Wars Episode 1 and Episode 6?

Question 22

what wood and core is Harry Potter's wand made of in Sorcerers Stone?

Question 23

In Europe, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" is called "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone."

Question 24

In Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, the number of chambers Harry, Ron and Hermione have to get through until Harry finds the stone is actually one less in the film than it is in the book.

Question 25

Where does Harry Potter first meet Hagrid, In Harry Potter and the Philosophers/Sorcores stone?? (Dont be fooled by the picture)

Question 26

For all the Harry Potter Fans. In the First Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, who's motorcycle did Hagrid borrow?

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