Harry Potter - Scenes Missing

A quiz about details from the Harry Potter books that the movies haven't included.

Question 1

At the beginning of Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, Hagrid arrives on a flying motorcycle to deliver Harry to Privet Drive. Who does Hagrid say he borrowed the bike from?

Question 2

In the first film, Draco Malfoy introduces himself to Harry at Hogwarts just before entering the Great Hall for the Sorting Ceremony. But where do they first meet in the novel?

Question 3

The mischievious Peeves the Poltergeist appears in all seven novels, but hasn't yet appeared in the films. Which British comedian was originally cast for this part?

Question 4

Gilderoy Lockhart's alleged adventures were chronicled in his books Break With A Banshee, Gadding With Ghouls, Holidays With Hags, Travel With Trolls, Voyages With Vampires, Wandering With Werewolves, and Year With The Yeti. But in the Chamber of Secrets novel, which of this wizard's books does Molly Weasley refer to during Harry's stay at the Burrow?

Question 5

In the novel for Chamber of Secrets, Nearly Headless Nick invites Harry and friends to a special event in the dungeons. What kind of event does it turn out to be?

Question 6

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry develops a crush on Cho Chang, but she does not appear on film until Goblet of Fire. What do she and Harry have in common that the films haven't mentioned?

Question 7

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry receives the Marauder's Map from Fred & George, who nicked it from Filch's office. But how does Remus Lupin know the passwords to activate the map?

Question 8

Ludo Bagman is a character in the Goblet of Fire novel, but omitted from the movie. In the story, Bagman is:

Question 9

Viktor Krum: Triwizard Tournament contestant, young Quidditch star. What is the name of Krum's signature Seeker trick?

Question 10

Goblet of Fire introduces Daily Prophet journalist Rita Skeeter. The movie omits her sneaky trick for gathering gossip: turns out she is an unregistered animagus, who can literally "bug" her targets. Which insect is her animal form?

Question 11

In the Order of the Phoenix, "High Inquisitor" Umbridge fires Professor Trelawney from her teaching post. In the novel, what kind of creature takes over teaching the Divination classes?

Question 12

In the Order of the Phoenix, Harry gets a glimpse of Neville's parents from an old photograph of the original Order. In the novel, Harry sees them in person when he finds Neville and his "gran" at:

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