High School Movie Quiz

Match the image and description to the movie they go with.

Question 1

When Brent turns down his classmate Lola's invitation to the prom, she concocts a wildly violent plan for revenge.

Question 2

When a bad grade in French class threatens the college plans of a high school senior, his father hires a private instructor to help him earn a passing grade. But Bobby's tutelage shifts from French to the language of love when the tutor turns out to be statuesque blonde.

Question 3

A sullen teen's father falls deep into a midlife crisis and becomes infatuated with one of the daughter's High School Friends.

Question 4

Director Richard Linklater's coming-of-age comedy follows a group of teenagers on their last day of school in 1976, centering on Randall "Pink" Floyd, who moves easily among stoners, jocks and geeks.

Question 5

When the high school "in crowd" torments a mousy teen with a sick joke at the prom, she lashes out with devastating -- and deadly -- power.

Question 6

Tagline: Hey Bud, Let's Party!

Question 7

Tells the story of a city girl who moves to a small town and becomes entangled in a love triangle between her high school teacher and a stoner classmate.

Question 8

On the night of the big High-School Prom, the dead rise to eat the living, and the only people who can stop them are the losers who couldn't get dates to the dance.

Question 9

After a few principals have gone nuts and quit, the latest one tries to end the fun ant The Ramones!

Question 10

As the streetwise new girl at a posh private school, Ivy will do anything to fit in. When shy but wealthy girl invites Ivy into her privileged world, Ivy entangles herself with Sylvie's producer father and hot mother.

Question 11

On the night before two of them leave for college, four high school buddies cruise their small hometown finding love and mischief in this Oscar-nominated coming-of-age classic.

Question 12

A rich kid becomes the self-appointed psychiatrist to the student body of his new high school.

Question 13

WHAT movie is a tale of a murderer who terrorizes hapless high schooler Sidney Prescott by offing everyone she knows?

Question 14

Escaping her smothering mother's beauty pageant plans for her, a small-town high school teen joins an all-girl roller derby team in Austin and begins living a thrilling double life, a life that might eventually catch up with her.

Question 15

Tagline: The revolution begins in high school

Question 16

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a delusional high school student visited by a demonic rabbit with eerie visions of the past ? and deadly predictions for the future.

Question 17

Robert Carradine plays a footballer caught in an escalating war of pranks in the run-up to the big game of the season.

Question 18

What movie has Cathy Lee Crosby play an Olympic Gold medalist is hired to coach the High School boys basketball team?

Question 19

At a Catholic high school, the popular girl teams up with a sophomore newspaper reporter to investigate a case of stolen SAT exams. Once the duo target their suspects, a larger conspiracy is unearthed.

Question 20

This poignant coming-of-age tale follows Terri, an overweight orphan who, while struggling to find acceptance with his peers, forms an unlikely friendship with his vice principal, who also knows all too well what it's like to be alone.

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