How much do you know about Eddie Murphy?

The Eddie Murphy Movie Quiz

Question 1

In Coming to America, Eddie Murphy gave money to, 2 homeless people(Mortimer & Randolph). What prior movie were these charactors in with Eddie Murphy?

Question 2

In the movie, "Harlem Nights" Eddie Murphy and Della Reese end up fighting in the alley. What two things did Eddie Murphy do as cheap shots to finally defeat the woman who was beating him down?

Question 3

Which Eddie Murphy film has Eddie not played more than one character?

Question 4

When Dan Aykroyd wrote "Ghostbusters," it was originally supposed to star Dan, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, and John Belushi. Unfortunately, John died before the movie could be made, and Eddie Murphy turned down the role.

Question 5

How many movies did Red Foxx do with Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy

Question 6

Eddie Murphy has acted in over 30 films during his career and has earned a "star" on Hollywood's "Walk of Fame". Murphy does the donkey voice in all of the Shrek films. How many other animated films has Murphy done a character's voice?

Question 7

What two actors shared "quality" time togther in the movie "Showtime"?

Question 8

What year was Eddie Murphy born

Question 9

Who played the roles of Sugar Ray and his son Quick in the movie, "Harlem Nights"?

Question 10

in dreamgirls how did eddie murphy die?

Question 11

Which one of these actors was not a cast member on Saturday Night Live, but was a complete "Jerk"? You Chose: d. Eddie Murphy (Incorrect - 0 pts) Correct Answer: a. Mike Meyers (0%) b. Steve Martin (0%) c. Chevy Chase (7%) d. Eddie Murphy (0%) e. Adam Sandler (0%)

Question 12

The stupid question was how many parts did Eddie Murphy play in The Nutty Professor" and the idiot said 6 Eddie Murphy played 7 parts as follows: 1. Sherman Klump "the professor" 2. Buddy Love "the alter ego" 3. Cletus Klump "the father" 4. Anna Klump "the mother" 5. Ida Mae Klump "the grandma" 6. Ernie Klump "the brother" 7. Lance Perkins "exercise guru" how many people agree with me?

Question 13

Which two films have featured both Eddie Murphy and Samuel L. Jackson?

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