Jason Statham Mega Quiz

We all love Jason Statham movies, but how well do you know them?

Question 1

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels was his first movie, but can you name the character he played?

Question 2

Two years late came Snatch, another Guy Ritchie classic, but who did he play in this movie?

Question 3

A few other movies came and went, but in 2002 came the first Transporter movie. Who is Statham's character?

Question 4

Jason didn't headline the movie The Italian Job, but he did play a character called Handsome Rob. What type of expert in the team was he?

Question 5

If you're really a Statham fan, you would know that he had a cameo appearance in Collateral. What did his character do in this role?

Question 6

In 2006 came the classic movie Crank, where he plays Chev who's been poisoned by a rival gangster and must keep his adrenaline up. What was the poison called?

Question 7

Sticking with the Crank theme, what is the up and coming sequel called?

Question 8

One of my favourite movies of his, is The Bank Job. Which actual robbery was the film based on?

Question 9

In Death Race, Jason plays Jensen Ames who is later known as the elusive racer Frankenstein. Which make/model of car does Frankenstein get to drive?

Question 10

Finally, Statham has been known to dabble in voice over work, but which video game did he do in 2003?

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