Jean Claude Van Damme movies

How well do you know JCDV movies

Question 1

Which of these films does Van Damme die in?

Question 2

Bolo Yeung appeared opposite Jean Claude Van Damme in 2 films. Bloodsport was one of them. What was the other?

Question 3

Jean Claude play two characters in three different movies, can you name them?

Question 4

In which film did Jean Claude Van Damme get his baby kidnapped?

Question 5

Which Jean Claude movie featured Danny Trejo, "Mr. Miyagi", and a threesome scene?

Question 6

What movie was Jean-Claude Van Damme in with Rob Schneider?

Question 7

In what movie does Van Damme star with this sexy blonde?

Question 8

Jean Claude Van Damme goes to Shanghai to fight in an underground tournament in "Bloodsport"

Question 9

In what Van Damme movie did a German Shepard get wounded, but didn't die?

Question 10

Jean Claude Van Damme starred in this movie where he had to deal with this beautiful theif, what is the title of the movie?

Question 11

In what movie was Jean Claude left on the beach to die?

Question 12

Which film is this quote from: 'You break my record; now I break you like I break your friend.'

Question 13

What movie is this picture from? Hint: his characters name is Chad

Question 14

Name the movie

Question 15

In which Van Damme movie does he fight a penguin?

Question 16

In the film bloodsport what is the name of jean-claude van damme's character?

Question 17

In Nowhere to Run, Sam Gillen (Van Damme) is an escaped convict,but what was he sent to prison for?

Question 18

What was Jean Claude Van Damme's feature film debut, playing an extra in a crowd scene?

Question 19

All of JCVDs movies are listed in this quiz either by answer or option in a question?

Question 20

In which movie is Jean-Claude Van Damme not the main character?

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