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Question 1

Patrick Wayne, son of John Wayne was offered to play superman?

Question 2

In the movie "The Quiet Man;" starring John Wayne & Maureem O'Hara; when John Wayne kicks open the bedroom door and throw Ms O'Hara down on the bed; breaking it; what was his next line?

Question 3

In the movie "The Cowboys" with John Wayne. John Wayne is forced to hire young boys to herd his cattle. How many young men were hired?

Question 4

Clint Eastwood wrote John Wayne a personal letter asking if he wanted to star in a western together. John Wayne refused, saying that he would never star in a movie with Eastwood after seeing his latest western called what?

Question 5

in rio bravo starring john wayne, dean martin, walter brennan, an co; what nick name did john wayne call walter brennan in that movie ?

Question 6

John Wayne played characters in both westerns and World War II movies. Wayne actually earned a purple heart as a marine wounded at Iwo Jima.

Question 7

In the slap-stick comedy "McLintock"(1963) starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, what did G.W. McLintock (Wayne) accomplish 310 times?

Question 8

How many films did John Ford & John Wayne make together,from 1928 to 1963?

Question 9

Director John Ford teamed up with John Wayne on many films, which was their last together?

Question 10

How many movies did John Wayne make with director John Ford?

Question 11

In 'The Shootist', John Bernard Books (john wayne) is dying of what terminal disease?

Question 12

who was the only actor to play in a john wayne film, and kill john wayne's character in a gunfight?

Question 13

John Wayne was famous for his distinctive voice, walk and enormous physical presence. His career began in silent films but his career lasted 50 years. Wayne was approached by Mel Brooks to play the part of The Waco Kid in the film "Blazing Saddles".

Question 14

Marion Robert Morrison was the birth name of which actor?

Question 15

Who really KILLED Liberty Valance?

Question 16

John Wayne played Robert Stack's co-pilot in what movie?

Question 17

Who is this character?

Question 18

What actress played opposite John Wayne in McClintock?

Question 19

How many movies did John Wayne have a role in?

Question 20

How many times did Maureen O'Hara star opposite John Wayne?

Question 21

***For Which Movie Did John Wayne Receive An Oscar***

Question 22

Which Famous actor is known as The Duke?

Question 23

Who did John Wayne portray in McLintock!?

Question 24

Who did John Wayne play in The Alamo?

Question 25

how john wayne died??

Question 26

What does John Wayne call his four leg protector in Big Jake?

Question 27

Who has made the most movies?

Question 28

Which movie did John Wayne film in London?

Question 29

The last movie John Wayne made was about a dieing gunfighter and its title was....

Question 30

As a Civil War veteran spends years searching for a young niece captured by Indians, his motivation becomes increasingly questionable. This 1956 movie starring John Wayne, Natalie Wood and Jeffrey Hunter is widely considered the greatest Western ever made. It was directed by John Ford.

Question 31

How many movies were John Wayne and Kirk Douglas together

Question 32

Rio Lobo

Question 33

In what John Wayne movie from 1969 does he utter the famous line "Fill your hands you son of a bitch"?

Question 34

In what movie did John Wayne help a teenage girl avenge her father's death?

Question 35

In the classic John Wayne Film, who played the part of character named "Dude?"

Question 36

In the 50s film Stagecoach,the Ringo Kid (John Wayne) has broken out of jail,for what crime was he wrongly arrested for?

Question 37

***Name The John Wayne Film That Heavily Influenced George Lucas in The Making of Star Wars***

Question 38

In the Movie McClintock With John Wayne What does the Indian Guide Keep Saying to McClintock while they are fighting in the mud?

Question 39

John Wayne was the original Sining cowboy but was eventually replaced because he couldn't sing or play the guitar.

Question 40

How many "cowboys" does John Wayne start out with in the movie "The Cowboys"?

Question 41

The American film icon, John Wayne died in 1979 at the age of 72. He received a single Oscar for which film from the list?

Question 42

In which movie does John Wayne show off his pole climbing skills at a loggers' picnic?

Question 43

Patrick Swayze is the son of movie legend John Wayne, but changed his last name so he wouldn't be seen as riding on the fame of that name.

Question 44

Acting legend John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa, in 1907 with what name?

Question 45

In which movies does James Caan appear alongside John Wayne and Robert Mitchum?

Question 46

Joel and Ethan Coen (Oscar winners for "No Country for Old Men") announced this week that they plan to remake the John Wayne classic "True Grit."

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