Josh Hutcherson

Think you know everything about Josh Hutcherson? Try this quiz.

Question 1

When was Josh Hutcherson born?

Question 2

What are Josh Hutcherson's parent's names?

Question 3

What award did Josh Hutcherson win on March 30,2008

Question 4

Is Josh Hutcherson currently single?

Question 5

What is Josh Hutcherson's favorite subject?

Question 6

Where was Josh Hutcherson born?

Question 7

Josh Hutcherson has stated that he is not much of a reader?

Question 8

What kind of pet(s) does Josh Hutcherson have?

Question 9

What movie did Josh Hutcherson play in?

Question 10

Which child actor stars in Bridge to Terabithia with Josh Hutcherson?

Question 11

what movie was josh hutcherson in with jojo?

Question 12

Which movie has Josh Hutcherson NOT played in?

Question 13

Josh Hutcherson was supposed to star in a movie called "The Boy Who Could Fly" but got a different job and backed out.

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