Leonardo DiCaprio

all about him

Question 1

Name this actor:

Question 2

In the 2006 movie, The Departed, who went to serve 3 years in prison just to become an undercover cop?

Question 3

in what movie does Kate Winslet and Leonardo Decaprio star in?

Question 4

How old are Rose, Kate Winslet, and Jack, Leonardo DeCaprio, in the movie Titanic

Question 5

in the movie the beach what was Leonado Decaprio stage name?

Question 6

in what year was the man in the iron mask (starring leonardio de capio) made?

Question 7

wich of the following was leonardo decaprio not on

Question 8

Which Movie did Leonardo Decaprio play as Jack Dawson?

Question 9

how many movei has leonardo dicaprio stared in

Question 10

In which film did Leonardo Decaprio get banished from Verona?

Question 11

The lead of Beyond the Sea[Bobby Darren ]was offered to Leonardo DeCaprio ?

Question 12

What was Leonardo Dicaprio's debut film?

Question 13

What day did the titanic sink and in the same day Kate Winslet (Rose) was drawn naked by leonardo decaprio (jack)?

Question 14

Where was Leonardo DiCaprio born?

Question 15

which of this two is the last man standing at the end of this movie

Question 16

what movie stars johnny depp as a big brother to leonardo decaprio?

Question 17

***In Which Film Did Leonardo DiCaprio & Johnny Depp Co-Star***

Question 18

Did leanardo Decaprio die in the movie titanic?

Question 19

when was Leonardo DiCaprio born?

Question 20

In wich movie did leanardo decaprio run through africa?

Question 21

who is this?

Question 22

What movie is this pic of Leonardo DiCaprio from?

Question 23

which movies brought Leonardo Decaprio Oscar nominations?

Question 24

In Blood Diamond what accent does Leonardo DiCaprio speak in?

Question 25

Which actor said, "I'm the king of the world!"?

Question 26

what was leonardo dicaprio always doing in blood diamond?

Question 27

What was Leonardo Di Caprio's name in Titanic?

Question 28

In which movie leonardo diCaprio died frozen?

Question 29

In wich movie leonardo dicaprio plays a homosexual poet ?

Question 30

how old is leonardo dicaprio

Question 31

Who played Jack in the film titanic?

Question 32

Leonardo DeCaprio was supposed to play Will Turner but dropped out.

Question 33

What was the actor's name in "The Departed"?

Question 34

When was Leonardo DiCaprio born?

Question 35

what is Leonard DiCaprio's full name?

Question 36

Leonardo DeCaprio won an Oscar for his role in the Aviator ?

Question 37

From which film are this image?

Question 38

How does Leonardo DiCaprio's character die in the movie "The Departed"?

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